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Oven Cleaner Is Not A Cure For Hiccups

Woman hospitalized after being given oven cleaner to cure hiccupsOh no, a woman is in intensive care after staff at a Queensland restaurant gave her a glass of oven cleaner to rid her of her hiccups. Whoopsie, that was suppose to be vinegar. Seems the oven cleaner bottle was right next to the vinegar bottle and well, you can probably guess the rest.

Psst I know what you’re all thinking, they should have just crept up on her and went “boo”.


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That’s Alarming

Shit, he's dead!

OK, here’s the thing Dr. Gregory House Dr Christopher Burrows, if you turn down the volume of intensive care patient’s alarms because the sound friggin annoys you, that’s a sacking. Dr Burrows has been struck off after messing with the volumes on alarms of seriously ill patients at a  Plymouth hospital. Hmm, yes and he was also generally rude to collegeaues , failed at team working and refused to attend anger management classes.

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Friggin Ants

This way!

You know what I hate? When you are lying in a Florida intensive care unit and hundreds of ants attack you. I really friggin hate that! Cornelius Lewis was bitten not once but hundreds of times by an army of  pavement ants while he lay seriously ill at the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Seems no one noticed them marching into his room and lunching on his legs and genitals.


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