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Another Disgruntled IRS Customer

OK, here’s the thing, selfish bastard, heaps of people have gripes with the IRS but they don’t go flying their friggin plane into a building! Joseph Andrew Stack, a disgruntled taxpayer, allegedly jumped into his small plane and flew it into a government building in Austin, Texas which houses the tax office. Oh but wait there’s more, prior to this he burned down his own house with a woman and child inside. Fortunately they managed to escape and alert authorities. They are now checking a suicide rant on a blog they believe was posted by Stack which goes along the lines of “Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well,”. Mr Stack died in the inferno and two people were taken to hospital.

Psst This story is breaking so info could change.


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Going Down?

Hold your breath

Hold your breath

So the IRS can multi task, who knew? Michael Hicks who works as a contractor for the Internal Revenue Service in Detroit has been charged by the Feds for urinating in their elevator on numerous occasions. The dude was busted after a surveillance camera was installed following employee complaints about the horrendous stench coming from the IRS freight elevator. Mr Hicks was identified as the culprit and when he admitted to the crime of  deliberately peeing on IRS property he said “he did it because he felt he could get away with it.” Charming, I bet he keeps the lid up at home too.


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