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Does Nancy Grace Think Everyone Is Guilty?

Love her or hate her, Nancy Grace is hilarious . Check out the moment that Grace tells the father of a missing boy his child has been found alive in his basement. Priceless..


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Why do we give scum the time of day?

Steven Hayes tries to justify killing three peopleExcept for those “couple of minutes” we were “nice to everyone,” …. those are the words of Steven Hayes, one of the men on death row for the murders of a Connecticut doctor’s wife and his two daughters .  Hayes poured gasoline on the two girls and set them alight after having raped and strangled their mother… but except for those “couple of minutes” they were “nice to everyone,” .  If Hayes was attempting to justify his actions during the recent interview he must be delusional. He also admitted that while on death row he has watched TV shows about the murder.



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Milas Kunis Is The Coolest

Check out how Milas Kunis handles a bizarre interview with a nervous, star struck Radio 1 interviewer Chris Stark. Her awesome meter just went up.

Psst I suspect this was all set up but she handled it like a pro.


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Oh, The Humanity

While most of America took time to remember the victims of 9/11 by having a moment of silence at the exact time the first plane struck the north tower, NBC News decided to be a little different by interviewing Kris Jenner instead. Cue outrage. Seems her breast implants and TV show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” were a bigger ratings grab.


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Touchy Subject

Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. Chris Brown had a mini rampage at the studios of Good Morning America after he was quizzed about his assault on his ex girlfriend Rihanna during an interview. Seems a dressing room window got the brunt of his rage after he threw a chair at it. He also ripped off his shirt before letting rip at a producer. The hissy fit was  the end result of a persistent Robin Roberts continually referring back to the Rihanna incident during the interview, despite him looking decidedly uncomfortable. Bad form all around.

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Live Interview Fail

You can’t make this stuff up…..

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