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A New Menace In Darwin

Oh crap, this is not my house!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Some naked dude at the end of your bed. An elderly man in Darwin got the shock of his life when he woke to find an intruder standing at the foot of his bed starkers. By the time police arrived the man had dressed and fled the scene. The man was unable to give police a good description of the intruder (don’t blame him)  but he did say he smelled strongly of alcohol (could be anyone in Darwin!).


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Dumbass 911 Caller of the Week

We have a winner. And the dumbassed 911 caller of the week goes to a drunk New Jersey man who called 911 claiming he had been kidnapped….  while he was in the back of a police car.


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Cops Can Get Tasered Too!

You know what I hate? When you drive 2 times over the legal limit from McDonalds, go through a stop sign and then fall asleep in the middle of a intersection and then get tasered by your fellow police officers. I really hate that. Seth Castillo an off duty police officer was found slumped behind the wheel of his Jeep Cherokee after spending a night drinking. When fellow cops tried to wake the snoring Castillo he became hostile and aggressive so they really had no choice but to taser him. Hmm, that’s what 24 beers mixed with ritalin will do.


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Mad Max On A Push Bike

WTF, where's my friggin arm?

OMG people, you might want to avoid walking the streets of Alexandria in Louisiana at night. Police pulled over middle aged man on a bicycle because his headlight wasn’t working and low and behold, guess what they found? A friggin butcher knife attached to a pool cue, a razor blade in his hat, a metal push rod for smoking crack and painkillers in someone else’s name. I am sure he’ll have a logically explanation, when he sobers up to front the judge. Maybe he was out slaying dragons? Oh yeah he also had five outstanding warrants.

Psst Geez, you could lose a leg or an arm if he chose to swing it as he rode ! Imagine explaining that to he police…one minute I was walking the next I was hopping!


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Toilet Terror In The Sky

Just a little word of advice, if your name is Muhammad Abu Tahir and you lock yourself in a toilet on a Northwest Airlines flight after flight attendants tell you to take a seat, expect 2 F-16’s to be launched and the plane to be diverted. If he was on a Canadian flight he would definitely be in the nut section.


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Friggin Bozo!

Drunk clown crashes into police carMy worse friggin nightmare, a drunk clown driving erratically in Vancouver. The man dressed in a clown costume, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, eventually came to a grinding halt after crashing head on into a police car. See, I keep telling you, clowns are so not funny!


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