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Boasting List Found During Jimmy Savile Investigation

Boasting List Found During Jimmy Savile InvestigationJust when you thought the Jimmy Savile case couldn’t get any worse they find a secret wall and on wallpaper behind that wall are a list of names and ages of hundreds of kids (both boys and girls) believed to have been sexual assault victims. Next to each name is an apparent rating of their performance. Police are not sure who wrote the “boasting list” but it was discovered in a flat above a record shop in Greater Manchester following a tipoff during police inquiries into the disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile.


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Natalie Wood Update

According to Natalie Wood’s sister, Lana, the captain of the yacht allegedly told her Robert Wagner knew she had fallen overboard but had told him to “leave her there, teach her a lesson.” Thirty years and this is finally floating to the surface, sheez!!!!



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Lovin It

OMG, a Melbourne man claims he got a nasty surprise when he checked to see if he had extra pickles in his Big Mac and discovered the meat patty was crawling with maggots. Yes people, maggots. Leigh Savage purchased the burger from the Frankston McDonalds store  and when he discovered his surprise extras, he took it to police who said there was nothing they could do. He then took it back to the store where he alleges the staff laughed at him. McDonalds have launched an investigation.

Psst Hmm, a quick search of the net reveals Mr Savage isn’t the first person to find a maggot in their Big Mac.


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Arsonists Will Be Arsonists!

You know what I hate? When you go to investigate a fire and someone sets your arson van alight. I really friggin hate that. An investigator for the Denver Fire Department was at the scene of a two car fire when someone snuck up on his van and set it alight. Hmm, now it’s a three car fire investigation I guess.


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Honey, Feel Like Some Bacon and Eggs?

Hello, I ate that shit!!!!

Oh my, feeding animals with toxic , cancer causing chemicals can’t be good. Urgh, just ask the  4,700 German  farmers (so far) whose livestock have been contaminated with dioxin, a cancer causing chemical and their farms closed indefinitely. The culprit?  Harles and Jentzsch. It has been alleged  the company accidentally  supplied 3,000 tonnes of it to animal feed makers.The shit was supposedly intended for use in bio-oils not animal feed.  Now it is feared that over 150,000 tons of the contaminated poultry and swine food has been used by farmers. Hmm, to make matter worse tests were done in March but the results (which are alarming) weren’t announced until December.  OMG, that means people have been getting dioxined all year long…..everybody panic!!!!

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The Plot Thickens

Oh for crying out loud, now British police think the dead MI6 spy found in a sportsbag in a bathtub in London may have been killed by a gay lover. Hmm, makes sense, a gay man wouldn’t leave a body just lying dead in a bathtub, now would he? And we all know foreign spies would have made the death look like suicide. Gareth Williams, whose private life is now under a microscope after his body was found in a sports bag ,  may have been a closet transvestite (not that there is anything wrong with that). Hmm,   I would like to think of it more as he was working undercover? Anywho, if any one comes across a laptop with files marked “Top Secret” you might want to give Scotland Yard a buzz, seems his computer is AWOL!

Psst In the good old days the general public were never privy to such intimate details, especially where government intelligence agencies were concerned. Isn’t that right J Edgar Hoover?

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Inconvenient Lie?

Holy inconvenient truth Batman, I can’t image “crazed poodle sex”, Mr Gore. According to Molly Hagerty, a massage therapist, former US Vice President is a pervert and a sexual predator who sexually assaulted her. Oh and in a Monica lewinsky-esque move, Molly says she has DNA to prove it. Oh but wait, there’s more, now that she’s blabbed to the National Enquirer it seems authorities are going to investigate the claims. Might want to consider going down to Louisiana and help clean them oil soaked pelicans for awhile Al!

Psst The incident supposedly happened in 2006. Could this be a case of fame whore envy?


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Nun On The Run

A Dutch nun has high tailed it out of Denmark after police began probing the death of an elderly nun. It is believed in 1993 Mother Theresa Brenninkmeijer ordered an elderly nun to be locked out in the cold with inadequate clothing because she had disturbed mass. The nun died. Mother Theresa Brenninkmeijer, who reputedly had a reputation for abusing nuns at the convent in Sostrup, Denmark, is now a marked woman. Despite the death happening over 17 years ago, making it too late to prosecute her, the Danish police are/were hoping the Catholic church would assist in the investigation. Blahahaha fat chance of that! Hello, the Vatican had received numerous complaints about her abuse over the years and had done zip about it.

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Not Even The Amish Are Spared

Holy horse and cart Batman, an Amish man has been charged with alleged sexual crimes against  at least  5 underage girls. Charles Mast (26) from Missouri was arrested after an investigation into the rape and sodomy of the girls dating back as far as ten years ago. It is expected more charges will be  filed as the investigation continues. Three of the victims are Amish and two are not.

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Boys In Blue!

That's why we are called boys in blue!

A blogger believed to be a Swedish cop (known as Uncle Blue) is being probed after he boasted about rubbing his penis against a female colleague’s cruiser. The prank known as “ollning” (bell-ending) was performed by the blogger and another cop, who rubbed the tip of their penises on door handles, the gear stick, steering wheel and even the police radio of a female officer’s car. While she was on shift the pair then rang her to tell her what they had done. Gross. Other posts included him writing about shaking hands with a dead man who had hanged himself and letting a mentally unstable woman go free because “being horny isn’t dangerous.” Needless to say there is now a internal investigation into the blogger and his identity.


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