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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Want the scary stats USA? Since 2007 4 million Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure. This year it is estimated a further 1.25 million will. Even sadder, all the while realtors and investors are buying them up dirt cheap and flipping them for massive profits.


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Prince and the Paupers

Geez, you would think investing in a company owned by one of the Queen’s kids would be a sure thing. Hmm, evidently not. Prince Edward, the youngest snowflake of Her Majesty, has managed to  make a $3 million production company worth less than $70.Which is no mean feat considering he claimed Ardent would be one of the best production companies in the industry. Sadly the company went into liquidation last year and all the investors were left with was £40.27 to fight over.


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Hollywood or Bust

Hooray for Hollywood

OMG, it’s like something out of a movie, a conservation group have only three weeks to raise $3 million to save the iconic LA Hollywood sign from being razed by investors. Hello, it’s one of the world’s most recognized landmarks but if they don’t come up with the agreed $12.5 million to purchase the 55ha property, investors from Chicago are going to build luxury houses on the site. So far the group have raised $9.5 million from public funds and private donors (including Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks) and need an additional $3 mil by 14th of April. Shame on you city of Los Angeles for allowing it to be sold.


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