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He Ain’t Heavy

Escaped Abu Ghraib prisoner kills brotherRemember all those terrorist who escaped from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison last month? Yeah, well one of them had a score to settle with the person who had dobbed him in ….his brother (a policeman).  The angry brother organised a group of equally angry militants to execute his sibling and then blow up his house and car. There goes Christmas.


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Homemade Helicopter

OK, you have to give Hatim Kadim Salman at least a slap on the back. The Iraqi dude has spent around $30,000 to build himself a helicopter so he can protect his country’s borders. Bless. Hmm, whether it will actually get off the ground ..????

Iraqi man makes homemade helicopter



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Pop Goes The Lawn Chair Balloonist

Cool, target practice!

Dude, that is so friggin dumb. Kent Couch, who runs a gas station in Oregon, is planning to become the first person to fly a lawn chair powered by balloons over Iraq. Couch will be teaming up with Fareed Lafta, an Iraqi extreme sport enthusiast, to lift off in tandem at Baghdad’s Green Zone on their lawn chairs that will each be fitted with 300 party balloons. Good luck with that!

Psst It’s to raise money for Iraqi children.

Want sauce with that?


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Emmanuel Kelly

Kleenex time Loons. A few days ago this young fellow decided to audition for X Factor Australia. Emmanuel Kelly, who is 17, started out life in an orphanage in Iraq. He and his brother had been found in a park, in a shoebox, abandoned most probably because  both had been born with severe birth defects, thanks to chemical warfare. Enter Moira Kelly, who originally flew them to Australia for surgery, but ended up adopting the two boys. This is his story and song ….

Psst You may recognize Moira Kelly,  she is the guardian of conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna, who were successfully separated in 2009 after she found them in a Bangladesh orphanage.  Moira  heads the Children First Foundation and this is her story.


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Try a warmer climate next time!

OK people, guess how much money the US military spend on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan each year? That would be $20.2 billion, yes I said BILLION!

Psst That’s more than  NASA’s budget!

Want sauce with that?


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Oh Where, Oh Where, Could Nearly $9 Billion Go?

Not here!

Hey, has anyone seen $8.7 billion lying around? The US Department of Defense seems to have misplaced it and doesn’t know where the hell it is. Oh dear,  96% of the money allocated to rebuild Iraq between 2004 and 2007 is unaccounted for and the US federal watchdog ain’t happy. To be fair the US military say the funds aren’t necessarily missing, just that the spending records might have been archived and it may require “significant archival retrieval efforts” to find them. The money was in a special fund administered by the US Department of Defense and was supposedly earmarked for reconstruction projects. Hmm, so it’s a tax write-off now, right?


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Gang Culture In The Military

OK, hand over your purse lady!

OK people no need for alarm but a Chicago cop who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says there is a growing gang culture in the military and we need to get ready for gang members coming home with military training. Yep, he claims the Bagram Air Base is friggin covered in Chicago gang graffiti and not just from one gang,  from several. The concern is when they return home and back to gang life they will be equipped with military tactics that they can ( and most probably will) use against police, other gangs and the public. Rambo!

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Vet Forced To Pay For Lost Equipment

You serve your country for 6 years, you get shot by a sniper in Iraq, you receive a Purple Heart and then two years later you get a bill from the military for missing equipment. Bless. Gary Pfleider II believes the the items which include, clothing, canteens and grenades were lost after he was flown out of the country for medical treatment. The total sum of the bill (including interest!) is $3,175 and the federal government have been deducting money from his disability check each month. Well, that’s gratitude!


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Welcome Back

Welcome to freedom Peter Moore .The computer expert, who has been a hostage in Iraq for two and a half years ,was released today. Sadly his bodyguards were murdered earlier in the year.


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Closure At Last

The mystery of missing Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher has finally been solved. For 18 years mystery, rumors and suspicion have surrounded the disappearance of  Lt Cdr Michael “Scott” Speicher who was shot down over Iraq during the first night of fighting in 1991. Many believed he had been captured and was still alive in a jail somewhere in Iraq.This seemed plausible, as no body was ever discovered and his empty flight suit, found near the crash site, looked relatively intact. The Discovery of the intials MMS carved in the wall of an Iraqi prison a few years later,further fueled the speculation that he was alive. The military continued to investigate the fate of Speicher even during the second invasion in 2003 when a special unit  was devoted to searhing for him. However, two Iraqi civilians recently provided new leads, claiming that the pilot had been buried near the crash scene by nomadic Beduin tribesmen.The discovery of bones in the desert and subsequent DNA testing of the them have now closed a chapter in the search for Scott Speicher. Now officially identified, the family, including his wife and two children, can now have closure.


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