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Can I Have Some Irony With That?

A  customer eating at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has had….wait for it…a heart attack while eating a “triple bypass burger”. Walk away nothing more to see here.

Psst Sheez, lucky he didn’t order Flatliner Fries with that!


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Quick, Call The Irony Police!

You know what I hate? When you go to a violence prevention BBQ in Canada and get hit with a friggin stray bullet. Sheez, I friggin hate that! The man was in the park with a group of people when they got caught in the crossfire of a shootout. He took a bullet in the back as he tried shielding a child. I’d be calling that barbecue pretty much  a fail!

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It Didn’t Work

Oh boy, the ironies of life. Twelve Indonesian children have died after a suspension bridge collapsed while they were watching a ceremony to rid their village of bad luck. As the adults threw chickens into the river,  37 children gathered on the bridge before it suddenly collapsed, washing the youngsters away in the strong current.


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An Operator Will Be With You Shortly

You know what sucks? When you rack up a $700 cell phone bill trying to get through to a New Mexico unemployment agency to inquire about  your unemployment benefits. An audit of  a 72 year old  man’s  cell phone bill showed he rang the state unemployment agency a total of 1,114 times as he tried just to get through to make a claim. On one occasion he was put on hold for 3 and a half hours.The good news is he finally got the benefits he was chasing, the bad news is the money will all be going towards paying his phone bill. Bummer. God giveth and God taketh away.

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