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Multiculturalism Gone Mad!

It is a sad day when we have Muslim groups pressuring the Australia government into introduce Sharia law into our court system. One more time, this is NOT a Muslim country and it has  nothing to do with “multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism is about appreciation and tolerance . There is a big friggin difference between religion and State. Sharia law by it’s very definition is ” the code of conduct or religious law of Islam.” Sharia does not allow freedom of speech, homosexual activity, marriage to a non Muslim and lets not get started on women’s rights. If you want Sharia law go back to a country that embraces it.

Psst If I dared try to change the legal system (based on MY religion) in a Muslim country I would be jailed. Funny how it only works one way!!!!

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No Love Here

Yeah, cancel the roses.

Sorry ladies of Iran, Valentine’s Day has been officially banned. Yep, it’s a Western scum dog celebration that has no place under Islamic law.So don’t be expecting no choccies, flowers or cards . To all the men, you’re officially off the hook!

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So That’s Why You’re Single!

I'm thinking eHarmony!

OK here’s the thing daddy, can you quit scaring off  eligible bachelors , I’m a desperate 42 year old surgeon for godness sakes! The Saudi women is currently suing her dad, who also happens to be her male guardian, because he is forcibly keeping her single. Could it be because her nice hefty salary goes directly into his bank account? I think so.


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I Now Know Who Wears The Pants

There goes another choice!

Saves me worrying about what to wear!

Oh dear, a well known Sudanese Journo is facing 40 lashes after being accused of wearing “indecent clothes”.By that I mean trousers! Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein was at a restaurant with friends when the police stormed in and asked for all the woman wearing pants to exit stage left. Hmm, I guess “committing an indecent act or one which violates public morality or wearing indecent clothes” is worth 40 lashes (according to Islamic Sharia law). Ooh and I think people wearing lycra, trackie daks or snuggies blankets should share the same fate!


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What’s a Man to do?

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

Mallam Muhammadu Bello Abubakar has some big decisions to make. It seems he got it all wrong, Islamic law only allows you to have 4 wives not 86. When the Islamic authorities and the traditional men of Bida, Niger State, found out Abubakar had 86 wives living under his roof (thanks to media reports), well, they were none too pleased. Nope, it seems Abubakar could face a fatwa (death penalty) if he doesn’t get 82 divorces (but where would that leave his 189 kids?). That’s some decision making right there. And where will the 82 rejected wives go ? I keep hearing the words “alimony”, “child support” ringing in my head. So Abubakar’s counter attack was to dare them to carry out the threat (good god he is brave too) and he vows to continue to collect more wives until Allah instructs him to stop.
But for anyone who is contemplating shacking up and having children with Abubakar just remember this “the one thing that will never be done in my house is for my wives to be taken to the hospital for ante natal care or delivery”. Oh and I forgot to mention he also has no known source of income (typical).

UPDATE : 84 year old Abubakar has agreed, though relunctantly, to have a mass divorce on the weekend. The former teacher and preacher will have a lot of decicion making to do before then.

A NEW FRIGGIN UPDATE : It had to happen,a coalition of Nigerian human rights groups has employed 86 lawyers to defend Abubakar.

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