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Nepotism Ruining It For Terrorists

The one job where you’d think nepotism wouldn’t be frowned upon….suicide bombing. Hmm, but apparently some IS fighters are pissed they have to wait their turn because some militants are putting their family and buddies at the head of the line. The big whingers are the Chechen IS fighters, who are bitching about having to wait in a long line before they can kaboom themselves to kingdom come. In fact some are so fed up with favourtism they are heading to Iraq where the martyrdom bombers list is considerably shorter. The waiting time is currently about 3 months.

PSST I’m guessing they are worried they will run out of virgins.


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Just Messing With Ya

Airplane windowLast week Islamic State websites hinted at stirring up the West by doing a series of hoaxes to create delays and disruptions to air travel. Well, it seems they fell hook, line and sinker. Yesterday authorities received anonymous threats about chemical weapons and bombs being placed onboard at least five New York bound flights. Enter fighter jets. An Air France flight was escorted by fighter jets and forced to make an emergency landing at JFK. American Airways, Delta and a Saudi Airlines flight were also affected.

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Marriages On The Rocks

Bride 3And they said it wouldn’t last. Remember the 3 British school girls who bolted from England to join Islamic State? Yeah, well it seems their Jihadi hubbies weren’t all they were cracked up to be and they have fled. The girls are believed to be attempting to get the hell out of Syria and back to their warm beds in Britain.


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They Don’t Seem To Be The People Who Party

police 6OK, note to self , don’t put balloons shaped like the number 21 in the window. Seems the Swedes are a little hyper sensitive to anything that looks like IS (Islamic State). Yep, someone who read the balloons backwards called the cops. After a few hearty laughs the law enforcement officers asked for the balloons to be removed from the window.


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