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Stale Blood Transfusion

Riccardo “Cobra” Ricco, an Italian cyclist, is in hospital with kidney failure after he allegedly gave himself a blood transfusion with a three week old sample. Sheez, I wouldn’t even touch three week old bread for goodness sakes. Anywho, serious concerns are now being raised about “doping” within the Vacansoleil-DCM team. Ricco was banned from cycling for 20 months in 2008 after testing positive for a blood booster during the Tour de France and was on the comeback trail. If found guilty of doping Ricco may face three years jail.  He currently remains in a serious condition in hospital.

Want sauce with that?


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Look Before You Leap

Whoopsie, an Italian   motorist  has accidentally plunged to his death after pulling over to take a leak.  What Ermes Calautto didn’t realize, when he jumped over the security rail in the dark to urinate, was that he was actually on a viaduct 30ft above the ground. Yikes, you can guess the rest. His female companion realized something was up when he didn’t return to the car.


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Sanction Breakers

Damn you western scum

Damn you UN western scum

Hey Kimmy Jong Il, been out of the news for a while huh? Never mind, you’re backkk, ooh and you’ve dragged in some unusual accomplices. The United Arab Emirates have seized an Aussie owned cargo ship, the ANL-Australia (flying a Bahamas flag) bound for Iran with a load of North Korean weapons on board. The little seizure included 14 included rocket launchers, detonators, munitions and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades. That will earn Tehran and Pyongyang some more nice little harsh letters from the UN Security Council sanctions committee (to add to their collection). Oh and if you were wondering about Australia’s involvement, the ship is controlled by a French conglomerate and the export was arranged by the Shanghai office of an Italian company.Evidently the ship was supposedly carrying oil boring machines but some of it’s cargo was deceptively labeled (hmm, probably with Pyongy beer!).


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What a Simply Gorgeous Habit

Umm World Peace ?

Umm World Peace ?

Damn, just as the world was getting ready for the first beauty pageant for nuns it’s been cancelled (bummer). The competition (The Miss Sister Italy Nun Beauty Pageant) was planned for next month, where nuns could submit their photograph onto an internet site. However, I think the poor Italian priest behind trying to erase sterotypical attitudes towards nuns has got himself in a little trouble with the Church. They ain’t happy. Seems they too have misunderstood his intentions (they are still trying to sort out sex offending priests for goodness sakes).Father Rungi had wanted to hold the contest online on his internet blog and NOT have the nuns prancing on a catwalk (like everyone had imagined).The reasoning behind Father Rungi’s idea was “We have to draw more attention to the world of nuns, who are often not sufficiently appreciated by society,” (Yep a beauty contest will sure do that!). It probably didn’t help his cause by saying “You really think all nuns are old, stunted and sad? This isn’t the case any more, thanks to the arrival in our country of young and vital nuns. Many of the new generation have arrived from Africa and Latin America.” Does this infer Italian nuns are old and ugly then ? In his defence he did say it was the nuns, themselves, who suggested it (I bet!). I suppose it is a blessing it was cancelled, can you imagine how many non-nuns (not to mention porn stars) would have submitted a photo, it is a beauty pageant after all! Can’t help themselves, bad habits

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