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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

You know what? When you find a 500 year mummified body of a child just step away. The remains of the body were DNA tested and it seems the child died from a deadly strain of hepatitis B virus (HBV). Did no one hear me? Step away. This is how we unleash ancient diseases…I have seen the tv series The Strain and it aint pretty.


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You’ve ended a 12 year relationship, you are about to hit the big 4…0… you haven’t got a suitor insight, what ya gonna do? Well, if you are a woman in Italy, you marry yourself. Yep, she did. She even had bridesmaids, a big wedding cake and 70 guests. Her reasoning…  “I told my relatives and friends that if I had not found my soul mate I would marry myself by my 40th birthday,”.

Hmm, wedding night should be interesting!


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Wherefore Art Thou

A golden retriever named Romeo has been pulled from rubble after the Italian earthquake 9 days ago. His owners, who were trying to retrieve belongings , called out to him and he responded with a bark. Bewildered rescuers then dug the pooch out.

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Honey, I Killed The Family

ambulanceOK granny, here’s the thing, don’t be serving up hot chocolate if the cocoa expired in 1990….just saying. The poor Italian woman is now facing charges after her son, two grandkids, a friend and herself ended up in hospital after downing the toxic drink. Thanks a lot grandma. Obviously keeping it for a special occasion.


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Beer on a cracker anyone?

An Italian company have created a spread made from 40% beer called Birra Spalmabile. Oh wait…what? The spread contains no alcohol. So basically , who cares.


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Soft Serve

wolf in sheepsAn American couple called the Italian police after they were charged $56 for 3 ice creams and a bottle of water in Rome , Italy. Pftt, that’s nothing. Fifteen years ago we were charged over a $100 for 4 hamburgers in Venice…. and by hamburgers I mean a bun with a slab of meat. Tourists have “sucker” written right across their fanny bags!!!


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Are You Sure She’s Dead?

open-eyesOh for heavens sake. Seems a few people in Italy have been spooked by a mummified child  whose eyes keep blinking during the course of the day. The little girl , Rosalia Lombardo, who died over 90 years ago was among  8,000 bodies preserved in catacombs beneath a convent in Palermo, Sicily.  The girl, who is currently on display in the catatombs, has scared the bejezzus out of several visitors who have seen her open her eyes. Curators say it is just a trick of light. Hello, it’s Italy so that’s a pilgrim right there.


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Surprise, It’s A Boy

Nun3A nun in Italy got a surprise little Chrissie present when she gave birth to a baby boy. The poor thing didn’t even know she was pregnant (obviously thought she was just getting fat) but when she was taken to hospital with stomach pains it was revealed she was about to have a baby. The little boy was named Francis after the Pope but that hasn’t helped her from getting the boot from her convent. Pack your bags honey, you broke the chastity vow. Seems Mother Superior is rather miffed that the nun couldn’t resist temptation claiming the wayward soul got jiggy with it when she returned to El Salvador to visit her family. The local community have been passing around the collection bowl for the new family.

Psst At least they didn’t use the immaculate conception excuse.

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For Two Years She Had No Complaints

Prostitute caught turning tricks at old folks home

You seem rather chipper, Henry?

A 42 year old Romanian woman has been busted for turning tricks at an old folks home in Italy. Seems she had once worked at the assisted living facility but when she fell on hard times and they allowed her to live there rent free unaware she was actually a prostitute. Police caught her out during an investigation into some hanky panky at a nearby hotel.

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Jailhouse Rock

It’s a bitch being a scientist in Italy. An Italian court has sentenced 6 of them (plus a government official) to 6 years jail for failing to predict the L’Aquila earthquake of 2009 which killed 300 people. The group were all members of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks whose job it was to keep an eye on earthquake dangers and keep the city informed. Sheez, who knew those low level tremors would lead to a  6.3 shaker. Anywho, on the bright side I hear there are 7 new positions vacant.

Want sauce with that?


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