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Jack The Ripper Was A Hairdresser

sherlock 2Seems the century old mystery that has fascinated the world has finally been solved, thanks to a bloodied and semen covered shawl  found near the body of  one of his victims, Catherine Eddowes. The shawl was purchased at an auction in 2007  and then sent to a molecular biologist who tested all the DNA found on the garment.  The semen , it seems, belonged to a mad as a meat axe Polish Jew immigrant hairdresser named Aaron Kominski. He was thrown into a loony bin in 1891 three years after the killing spree.

But hang on Sherlocks, the Ripperologists aren’t convinced of the findings because a) the shawl had been handled by Eddowes’ relis prior to the auction, which could explain the DNA. b) Catherine Eddowes was a prostitute so the semen could easily have belonged to Kominski who frequented the ladies of the night c) the shawl has been handled by so many people over the years there could be hundred if not thousands of DNA samples on it. d) it was never proven the shawl belonged to Catherine anywho as it wasn’t on the police list of items found at the scene. e)the findings haven’t been reviewed or confirmed by the scientific community.

Oh dear, back to the drawing boards people, nothing to see here.

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That Would Be Mrs Ripper To You

Just when you thought the Jack the Ripper story couldn’t get anymore weird a British author is now claiming the infamous murderer may have been Lizzie the Ripper. John Morris believes Lizzie Williams, the wife of the royal physician Sir John Williams (also a suspect), killed the women because she couldn’t have kids. Three of the victims had their wombs cut out for starters. Anywho, he’s written a book entitled Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman which he says will leave no doubt in the readers mind, it was a friggin night prowling, psycho woman.


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Secret Jack The Ripper Files

Elementary dear Watson

Well, well, well, my little Sherlocks, seems Scotland Yard has been keeping a little secret under lock and key. Hmm, evidently they have a bucket load of unreleased info on Jack the Ripper. Four thick ledgers to be precise which were compiled by Special Branch officers during the Whitechapel slaughters in 1888. Whatever is contained in those ledgers must be of some importance because  Ripper investigator,  Trevor Marriott, is having a devil of a time, trying to get his hands on them. For three years he has tried to obtain the ledgers but Scotland Yard simply refuse, so now, in a last ditch effort, he’s going to a tribunal to try to secure a release. Police say the files contain the names of Police informants therefore they don’t want them released .

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Grab Your Deerstalkers

OMG, a skull believed to be that of Ned Kelly may really be….wait for it…the skull of Jack the Ripper. Yes, that’s right folks, Jack the friggin Ripper. For many years it was believed the wife and child killing British bigamist conman Frederick Bailey Deeming was in fact the infamous Whitechapel murderer. He was hanged in the Melbourne jail in 1892 but before his execution he boasted to fellow prisoners he was the notorious Jack the Ripper.Witnesses say they saw a man fitting Deeming’s description in London’s East End in 1888 buying knives. Anywho, at some stage a skull believed to be that of Ned Kelly was stolen from a glass display cabinet in the prison . A West Australian farmer Tom Baxter handed it in last year and since then experts have been trying to verify who the hell the skull belongs to, Kelly or Deeming? They are currently asking any female relis of the hanged English killer to come forward to give DNA. It is believed that his brothers and sisters were so horrified by his crimes they changed their names to Bailey.


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Is Thomas Hayne Cutbush Jack The Ripper?

Who is Thomas Hayne Cutbush you may well ask? Well he was the nephew of a Scotland Yard superintendent and the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper case (3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891). Call him psychopath, call him mentally ill the guy was a scary freak that even his family believed could have been Jack.Reason? Because he stayed up all night prowling the streets of London and would come home covered in mud and blood (hello!).Oh and I forgot, he loved reading medical books. So why, pray tell, am I telling you all this? Well wouldn’t you know it, Broadmoor Britain’s first criminal asylum has just opened up its 1,500 case files to the public and that includes Cutbush’s. Under the Freedom of Information legislation the asylum could no longer hide the inmates personal info from the public (well the 100 year old files at least). Ooh, criminally insane file means quality reading for hundreds of authors looking for fresh fodder (yay). So I guess the most popular file (20 documents) is that of Thomas Hayne Cutbush. Already one of the Cutbush’s documents has unearthed some interesting facts describing him as having “brilliant blue eyes” and a “limp” just as an eyewitness had described to police. Another mentions Cutbush’s psycho rants which included how he would “rip” the staff open with a knife (little charmer). Despite initially being the prime suspect he was later committed and removed from the Ripper list because he was related to someone in Scotland Yard (in other words cover-up).The superintendent later killed himself when a newspaper released the name of his nephew to the public. Interestingly the Broadmoor files include other Ripper suspects such as James Kelly so don’t be surprised if you see a tsunami of Jack the Ripper theories and books real soon. Oh and if you want to do a little investigative work on Jack and 1499 other inmates of Broadmoor Asylum click here Berkshire Record Office. Knock yourself out.


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The Ripper in the Burbs

I Can't Hack Living Here !

I Can't Hack Living Here!

It seems the town of Ipswich in Brisbane, Australia, is in abuzz over claims Jack the Ripper was once walking amongst them. The person of interest is one Andrew John Gibson (aka Walter Thomas Porriott) who is believed to  have left London around the same time as the grisly Whitehall murders stopped. For some strange reason he sailed to Australia to try his luck in the suburbs of Brisbane. All fingers seem to be pointing at him. So who was Gibson ? Evidently he was a convicted killer who fancied the ladies (he was married 20 times). He was eventually buried with last known wife Eliza (Bessie) in the Toowong Cemetery in 1952. Just to add a little intrigue, Porriott doesn’t even crack a mentioned on the headstone (I guess wife 20 found out about the about wife numbers 1,2,3,4,5 ….) it simply reads “Bessie died 25th June 1957 and her husband”. BUT it does have a grainy image on it. The image depict a caped-man raising a dagger (of course it would!). Blame the latest sleuth solving effort on Brisbane historian and Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully who also thinks Ned Kelly’s younger brother Dan and fellow gang member Steve Hart survived the famous Kelly gang shoot-out at Glenrowan and came to live in Ipswich too. Hmm Ipswich is beginning to sound a lot like a serial killers retirement village.

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