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I Bet He Was Hopping Mad!

OK loons, I’m pretty sure you can guess where this is going. Ariosto Wyman, a one legged drug dealer ,was pulled over by Jacksonville police and, according to the report, “began to hop down the sidewalk.” The police didn’t even bother to chase him, instead they just yelled at him to return and he hopped back. Sheez, to top it all off, he was carrying a baggie of marijuana and 120 grams of cocaine and now faces four drug charges, and another one for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Jiminy Cricket!

Want sauce with that?


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Oh Deer!

Like I need to get more pissed!!!

OK, for starters, EWH! A drunk man walked into a bar in Jacksonville and proceeded to spray the place with deer urine, sending patrons fleeing for fresh air.Evidently the smell was awesomely putrid . When questioned, Joshua Aaron Brunke told police a friend had offered him $20 to take the bottle of deer piss and spray it inside the bar.

Psst How the hell did he get the deer to piss into the bottle?


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911 Crazy

OK, one more time people, 911 is for emergencies only! Christina Dodd was arrested by Jacksonville police after she rang 911. Reason? When the Fire Rescue arrived at the Beauclerc Nursing Home there was no friggin emergency only a ranting Ms Dodd demanding they take her grandfather to his appointment. When she was told 911 wasn’t for non emergency situations she replied that she knew that but having to take her grandfather from the nursing home to an appointment was always an emergency! Oh dear, she went on to say she will always use 911 because…wait for it.. she is a citizen of the United States. Hmm, that wasn’t in Obama’s new Health Care reform was it?

Psst It was later discovered she isn’t a blood relative of anyone at the nursing home.


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You Can’t Do That!

Did I say you could ring?

Did I say you could ring?

OK, here’s the thing Wendy’s employees, don’t ring 911 if you haven’t got permission, even if you suspect someone put something poisonous in your drink. Sara Barahona was working at the Jacksonville Wendy’s branch when she took a sip of her drink and thought it tasted odd. When she lifted the lid it was white and foamy. After feeling a bit whoosie she rang 911 but was later reprimanded by her boss for not seeking permission first. It was later determined her drink had been spiked with oven cleaner!


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