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Adding Salt To The Wound

jail-5Um, yeah about your four months in jail…we bad? An Aussie man jailed for four months after being caught with crystal meth has been released with no charge after it was discovered the “drug” was actually Epsom salt. Well, they took there sweet time having it analysed, now didn’t they?

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Stupidity Is The New Black

mowerGeez Tennessee why so precious? A woman has been jailed for failing to mow her lawn. Yep, you heard me, for not mowing the lawn. The poor woman received a Lenoir City citation as her the lawn wasn’t being maintained to their standards, which she must have ignored,  because the judge sentenced her to 5 days in jail. After she appealed it was reduced to 6 hours. The mother of two, who has a full time job , could face more jail time if the lawn isn’t satisfactory by November.

Psst Seriously, the council should have just hired a lawn mowing person to cut the damn lawn and then send her the bill.

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We Will Find You!!!

police 6Move over library Nazis we have a new winner. A woman from South Carolina, who failed to return a video she rented in 2005, was plonked in jail overnight for failure to return it and was released on a $2220 bond. The JLo vid, Monster-In-Law, has been AWOL for 8 years but police have never given up the pursuit, despite the video company no longer existing.


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dumbassThe loser of the week goes to the Michigan woman who got nine months jail for a home burglary that netted her $2. Oh but wait, there’s more, she also was ordered to pay $900 in costs and $845 in restitution. Now there’s a pile of lemons.


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Dead Man Walking Right Back To Jail

monkey 4Dude, faking your own death to avoid prison only works if you don’t get caught faking a prescription. Man, you were so friggin close to starting a new life in Australia, having obtaining a birth certificate from a dead child and holding out in Canada but you just had to stuff up. Travis Scott was going to the slammer for defrauding an insurance company for $11.5 million but before sentencing he faked his suicide by grinding up some of his teeth, removing pints of his own blood and pulling out clumps of his hair. He then gathered his bits , put them in a cap and then blasted them with a shotgun before leaving the cap in a canoe on a lake. The police were skeptical especially as the suicide note said he had weighed himself down in case he didn’t die from the blast. Dumbass. All his efforts has resulted in 12 years of wearing orange.

Psst Minnesota


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Jilted Stalker

Jilted stalker puts acid in woman's shoesLadies, you might want to think twice about rejecting the advances of a work colleague. Take the tragic case of a Japanese man absolutely obsessed with a woman at work. He stalked, and stalked her to no avail. So, in the end, when he realised his advances were futile, he did what any crazy obsessed nutter does,  he poured hydrofluoric acid into her shoes. Egads, ouchy ouch. The poor girl ended up having the tips of her toes amputated, which makes wearing shoes near impossible. Anywho, he got 7 years, she got no toes. All around a lose/lose.



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You Are Whose Nephew?

Remember John Wayne Gacy, that creepy clown dressing serial killer? Yeah, well, his nephew has just been sentenced to 24 years for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl. Raymond Kasper is now claiming his harsh sentence was due to his connection with Gacy. Hmm, ya think? Lawyers are pushing for a retrial because the girl recanted her story while on the witness stand, claiming she may have dreamed it all up,  but then again a doctor  the who examined her said she had injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

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Jailhouse Rock

It’s a bitch being a scientist in Italy. An Italian court has sentenced 6 of them (plus a government official) to 6 years jail for failing to predict the L’Aquila earthquake of 2009 which killed 300 people. The group were all members of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks whose job it was to keep an eye on earthquake dangers and keep the city informed. Sheez, who knew those low level tremors would lead to a  6.3 shaker. Anywho, on the bright side I hear there are 7 new positions vacant.

Want sauce with that?


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The Hormones Made Me Do It

Do not and I repeat, do not,  get between a woman and her hormones….or in this case, a woman, her hormones and her car. The Scottish woman, who blamed female troubles, was fleeing from a store detective when she cleaned up the unsuspecting pedestrian and took him for a 300 meter ride on the hood of her car. Stuart Morris claims Suzanne Gilchrist drove the car at high speeds and from side to side trying to get him off, but he clung on tight. That’s a jailing of four years and three months right there, my dear.


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Honor Student Jailed for Missing School

Diane Tran (17) is a US honor student studying college-level algebra, dual-credit history and English, she works two jobs after school  to support herself and her younger brother and sister after her parents divorce and abandoned them and now thanks to the Texan truancy laws she has been jailed, fined and now has a friggin criminal record. The reason? She missed more than ten days of school in a 6 months period. FFS, she sometimes doesn’t go to school because she’s exhausted from working and then studying all night. The judge, who should hang his head in shame,  said that if one student was allowed to avoid jail then they would all “run Loose”. The judge then had the nerve to tell this teen “a little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence”.

Psst Read more about this remarkable teen here .


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