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Excuse Me Waiter This Dish Tastes Like….

poo curryA Japanese chef, wanting to make something unique, has created a poo flavoured curry. Yes, you heard me, poo. Fortunately the ingredients doesn’t include the real thing but is made from stuff that will make you think it is. But wait there is more…. the chef use to be an porn actor and he was inspired by his real feces eating roles. The curry shop is in Tokyo for anyone who is game enough to try. Oh and did I fail to mention it is served in a toilet bowl shaped dish?


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Blame it on the Robots

I still can’t work out if this is the most creepiest hotel in the world or the most friggin awesome. Welcome to the world’s first robot hotel,  where all the staff are robots.


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Don’t Be Throwing No Shrimp In The Burger

shrimplessI love Japan. When it comes to crazy food they win. Take for instance Lotteria’s new shrimp burger, it comes with a bun, lettuce and tartare sauce but no actual shrimp patty. Seems even the $2 price tag and the lack of shrimp isn’t detering people from buying it. The store is even promoting the burger as being shrimp-less which has increased its popularity.


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Can I Have A McMolar Please

asian girlOh for the love of god, guess what a customer found in their McDonald’s fries? A human tooth. The offending meal was served at a Japanese store. On a bright note the tooth had been fried.


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Japanese Black Widow

weddingOK, here’s the thing Japanese Black Widow, the trick when bumping off your hubbies is to be discreet. Now, killing 6 husbands in 20 years is kind of pointing your own finger at yourself. The “alleged” Black Widow has been charged with the murder of who latest hubby who was killed by cyanide a month after their nuptials. It is believed inheritance and a nice insurance payout maybe the motivation. Police are currently investigating the deaths of her 5 previous husbands. Sheez, seriously, she should have  found a really, really, rich hubby in the first place and it would have saved her all this hard work and grief…. just saying


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Will We Ever Learn?

EXPLOSION 8OK, no need to panic but seriously, why would you build a friggin nuclear plant near a volcano? A Japanese scientist is predicting that Mt Ioyama is gonna blow. Which is scary because the Sendai nuclear plant is 40 miles away. Just another thing to worry about.

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Safe Sex Food

eatingAn author in Japan has written a cookbook entitled Condom Dishes I Want to Make for You that contains 11 recipes  made by stuffing food into condoms. Needless to say it is now on the top of Japan’s  bestsellers list.

Psst Wouldn’t the food be a tad chewy?


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Sneaky Sneakers

O Oh, the Japanese police are onto you tosatsu shoe owners, hand them over and go quietly before your family finds out. The “tosatsu shoes” aka voyeur shoes, have built-in hidden cameras that are designed to film up women’s dresses. The Police not only raided the supplier and confiscated their stock but also obtained the mailing list of their customers. Run little voyeurs with your pumped up kicks!!


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Cop A Feel For Charity

old manTrust the Japanese to come up with “squeeze a porn star’s tit” to raise money for an AIDS charity. The group “Eroticism Saves The Earth”organised the telethon in which 12 porn stars offered their breasts to be fondled by fans in exchange for a donation. Hello , they  raised $25,000 and probably some blood pressures during the event.  One of the stars said “I never thought my boobs could contribute to society,”


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WTF.you don’t like Frozen? Well sorry hon, I can’t be married to you anymore, I want a divorce. The poor Japanese guy, who was married for 6 years,  is now facing a divorce from his Frozen obsessed wife after she cracked the shits and moved in with her parents (who are obviously Frozen fans too) when he told her “It’s an okay movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care for it personally,” .


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