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Tyre Slasher Just Wanted To Meet Women

Tyre slasher just wanted to meet womenOh no Mr Harada, slashing women’s car tyres as a way to start up a conversation is no way to find a wife. The Japanese man has been accused of slashing up to a 1000 tyres in a desperate attempt to meet women. Mr Harada would use a screwdriver to puncture the tire then offer to help change it when the woman returned to her car.  Gee whiz , he’s a keeper, Craigslist would be so proud.


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No Place Like Home

A Japanese man who wasn’t coping with life on the outside, stole a cup of noodles and caught a cab without money in the hope he would be sent back to prison. Hmm, never know, he might just get his wish.

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The Sex Is Going To Suck!

Here’s the thing SAL9000, marrying your virtual girlfriend is only going to end in tears. You know the honeymoon will soon be over, she’ll eventually find another a virtual animated character who will understand her needs better. Yeah, I know sex isn’t everything but Nene Anegaski has needs too and lets face it, you just can’t satisfy her like those other animated men. I know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s going to  break your heart and take you for everything you own, including you Nintendo DS. Sorry chum, GAME OVER!
A man in Japan known only as SAL9000 fell in love with a virtual girl named Nene Anegasaki, who he created on the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. So enamored with her ways he decided to take the plunge and marry her in a legal ceremony held in Guam on the weekend. Oh and since she isn’t really real he had to take his Nintendo DS along for the ride as well. The wedding reception will be broadcast live on some website later this week. Good luck with that!

Psst I bet his parents are proud!


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Can You Smell Something?

Japanese man arrested for throwing feces at womenTatsuya Moriguchi has a few issues, one of them concerns throwing feces at women from his moped. Moriguchi has been arrested in Settsu, a city near Osaka, for apparently chucking his own poop at women as he passed them on his motorbike (he must have great aim). The poo culprit handed himself in after he bullseyed a 2nd victim. He told police the reason he threw poo was because he often became frustrated  at work when things weren’t going his way and then took it out on unsuspecting woman pedestrians. It seems Mr Morguchi modus operandi was, first, relieve himself outside, jump on his moped (carefully),pick a moving target,  then take aim and fire. The first unlucky victim was hit in the head.


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