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Japanese Pop Star Attacked By Crazed Fan

Yellow-RibbonOK, one more time people. When a creepy obsessed fan sends you a gift just send him a simple thank you note and then ring the police ASAP. A Japanese pop singer is fighting for her life after she returned a watch sent to her from a psychotic fan and he turned up at her concert and went crackers. Mayu Tomita was stabbed over 20 times when she didn’t give him a straight answer as to why she returned his present. I’m guessing she was lost for words …. She is now lying unconscious in a Tokyo hospital.


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Japanese Businessman vs London Escalator

The sorry tale of a drunk Japanese businessman at the Tottenham Court Road tube station.

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Honey, Why Is My Urine Glowing?

OK, no need to panic Japanese people living near Fukushima nuclear plant, pissing radioactive urine is OK as long as you don’t eat contaminated vegetables as well. A professor of radiation biology at Hiroshima Uni said that we want residents to use these results to make decisions to friggin MOVE!!!! Ya think!

Want sauce with that?



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It’s Safe In Japan

Here’s a question loons. Guess what the search parties are finding 100s of washed up on the shores after the Japanese tsunami? Take a wild guess? Metal safes, friggin hundreds and hundreds of them but in typical Japanese style they remain unopened and stored at police stations waiting for their owners to come forward. It has long been a problem in Japan where elderly people like to stash their cash at home. It is one main reason why it is estimated $350 billion worth of yen doesn’t circulate. In Japan it is called ‘tansu yokin’ (wardrobe savings). Anywho there are so many safes (presumably full of valuables and cash) being collected and handed over to police they are struggling to find storage space for them all. Many survivors are believed to have been left penniless after storing their life savings in safes instead of the banks. In a desperate effort to locate the owners police are considering opening the safes in the hope of finding some kind of identification inside.

Psst What an amazing culture, in any other country in the world those safes would never have made it to a police station. We have a lot to learn.


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Titanic Explained By Japanese Woman

If you haven’t watched the movie Titanic yet,  here’s basically what happens …

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Manga Meltdown

Sheez, a teenage boy who read a Japanese Manga novel is now at home receiving “extensive therapy”, so says his mom who is pissed with the Crestview Public library for allowing such graphic work. Margaret Barbaree says her son “lost his mind” after removing the book unsupervised from the general library stack, putting  it in his backpack and taking it home (isn’t that theft?).She now wants all Manga removed from the library which she deems pornographic.


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19 New Kit Kat Flavors

Want a break, have a Kit Kat. OMG, the famous chocolate crisp snack has arrived in Japan and how. Nestle have created 19 new Japanesque flavors including sweet potato, melon, wasabi, chilli, miso, cherries and cheese cake, soya sauce and green tea just for them. Never ones to market in a small way the Kit Kat bars will reflect the specialties from different regions across Japan eg Melons represent Hokkaido, green tea – Kyoto and strawberries from Tochigi. Nestle have even teamed up with Japan Post where for a few dollars you can send them via mail in a specially designed box instead of a postcard. Why don’t they do this worldwide? I vote Vegemite and beer flavors for Oz.

Psst I can only imagine what Wasabi would do to an unsuspecting foreigner !


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Can You Hear The Whales Clarice?

Another round of cat and mouse with Japanese whale murderers researchers has left one of Sea Sherphard’s fleet, the Bob Barker with a 3ft 4″ gash in it’s starboard side. Hmm, suppose that’s better than leaving a 3ft 4 ” gash in a whale’s side. The Bob Barker crew say they were circled by the Japanese whaling boats before the Yushin Maru 3 intentionally rammed her. The “illegal” whalers continue to catch and slaughter the gentle sea creatures in the Southern Ocean sanctuary because the Australian and New Zealand governments don’t have the guts or backbone to enforce maritime laws in fear of offending the Japanese. Hang your heads in shame.


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Will the Real Kim Jong Il Please Sit Down

Kim Jong Il is an imposter

Can you spot the imposter?

Is the real Kim Jong  ill? The Japanese rumor mill has been running hot with whispers that  the real Kim Jong Il is either gravely ill or dead and that an impostor has taken his place. OK,  we’ve heard it all before  but now the Japanese are stepping up their claims saying that the photo ops with Bill Clinton was with a fake. WTF is Dear Leader messing with us?


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Funny Japanese TV Commercials

Well it’s that time again… slow news day weekend. So I have rummaged around to find you some Japanese TV commericals to keep you amused.

Lost in translation Arnie!


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