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No Colorado, There Is No Poop Fairy

Attention people in Colorado, the Jefferson County would like to remind their residents that there is no “Poop Fairy” thank you very much! Meaning? Owners of dogs….clean up your own shit OK!!!


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Attempted Murder by SUV

Seems Roger Mayes got himself one big epic fail. After being told he had to pay for his gas upfront at a station in Jefferson County, Mr Mayes got into his SUV , put it in gear and then proceeded to drive it through the window in an attempt to run down the gas clerk. Gosh, it would have been quicker just paying the goddam money mister! Now he got himself a nice tasering and an attempted murder charge for his troubles!


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There Goes The Neighborhood!



Hey psst people. Wanna have the neighborhood for your very own, don’t want noisy kids hanging around or people stopping by for a chat? OK, here’s what you do, just whack a “Registered Sex Offender” sign in the main window of your house and viola. Just ask the man in Jefferson County, he did it and he isn’t even a sex offender. Hmm, but the landlord is rightly peeved, he can’t get a soul to rent the property next door.

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