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The Shroud Still Shrouded In Mystery

After years of testing and re-testing the mysterious Shroud of Turin in an attempt to prove or disprove it was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ,  Italian government scientist have finally come to a conclusion. Yep, the cloth is supernatural.Reason? No technology today can reproduce the damn thing. The scientist got close by using high-intensity ultra violet lasers but no medieval hoaxer could have got close to pulling  it off (not even that smart ass, Leonardo). Therefore “The implications are… that the image was formed by a burst of UV energy so intense it could only have been supernatural.” Hmm, so in other words Aliens huh?


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FENTON!!! Jesus Christ, FENTON!!!

FENTON!!! The naughty pooch decided to herd some deer in the park but owner was not so happy trying to herd Fenton!!!!. Oh yes, it has gone viral on Youtube. ….

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Jesus Christ Ousted From Jury Duty

I have it from good authority the man's innocent!

OK, here’s the thing, woman formerly known as Dorothy Lola Killingworth, what were you thinking changing your name to Jesus Christ? It’s a boy’s name for god’s sakes! Hmm, despite the fact someone actually allowed you to do this (which I highly doubt), being Jesus isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. For starters people will just laugh out loud when they hear your name and secondly, you can still get your assed kicked off  jury duty for being disruptive and argumentative. Yes, the Birmingham woman called Jesus Christ, was excused from jury duty after  becoming less than agreeable and began  asking way too many questions instead of answering them. Phew, for a minute I thought you were gonna tell me she tried parting the sea courtroom!.


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