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Jesus on a Mushroom

For 137 years a church in Mexico has worshipped a mushroom found by a lumberjack. Reason? Jesus is on it of course. They have an annual festival in honour of the mushroom. The Jesus mushroom is believed to have spiritual powers. Hmmm, so its a magic mushroom?

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End of World Alert

Vatican coin misspelled JesusA religious computer programmer believes Jesus is on his way back to Earth to destroy the planet. Seems he has had enough. The programmer has calculated that at the end of 2016 we will face the apocalypse and those lucky enough will head to heaven while the rest will be sizzling somewhere else. She wrote on her website ‘In the fall of 2016, the 6,000 years of sin on earth will come to an end, everlasting righteousness will be brought in, and Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven.’

PSST I wonder what Jesus has been doing for the passed 2000 years?


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Oven Door Jesus

He’s back. After a long hiatus Jesus has miraculously reappeared on an oven door in a remote village in  Slovakia. The woman who discovered this miracle was simply baking  when his image suddenly appeared. All the scrubbing and cleaning can’t remove him, so it must be real.

Not the bottom corner image loons!!!!

Not the bottom corner image loons!!!!

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Jesus Is Back

Seems he has moved from toast to a mudslide.




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Hair Today, Psycho Ward The Next


I’m not the Messiah, I’m just a hair transplant surgeon

You know what I hate? When your hair transplant surgeon believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus and goes a little wacko at a 9/11 Memorial Museum and attacks someone. I really hate that. The surgeon in question has been suspended, sent to a psychiatric ward and now contemplating why god/ his dad hates him.

PSST  The dude  was also convicted a few years back of 19 counts of misapplying money in a case involving a tribal casino.


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Timber Jesus

OK Loons, you might have to look especially hard to see Jesus in this piece of lumber but the owner of the saw mill swears it’s him. Sorry, but I can’t see Jesus for the woods.

jesus in tree trunk



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Jesus Appears As Ink Blot

Jesus appears as ink blot in connecticut newspaperJesus has made yet another surprise visit. Hmm, this time as an ink blot in the movie section of a local Connecticut newspaper. Joseph McCaffrey was about to read the movie section of the paper last week when he saw the blob and showed his wife who shouted ‘It’s Jesus!’.


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Jesus on a Drop Sheet

He’s back. Yes, Jesus has made an appearance on a drop sheet. The owner had been using the cloth for painting for 4 years before he noticed the image.

Jesus appears on a drop sheet


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Jesus Returns

Jesus appears on Corona Beer caseJesus has returned and this time he’s on a case of Corona beer. Go Jesus. The man who discovered the image had been walking his dog when he came across a piece of a Corona Beer casing shaped like a fish. Being a devout Christian he took the piece of cardboard home only to discover later ,when he flipped it over, that there was Jesus in profile. The lucky man says  he plans to frame the case and keep it in his home and then hand it over to his children one day .

Psst Florida


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Jesus On A Bacon and Egg Taco

The month wouldn’t be complete without Jesus appearing somewhere in the world. Introducing Jesus on a bacon and egg taco.  80 year old Texas man, Ernesto Garza, who discovered the holy meal nearly didn’t.  He was enjoying the taco so much he nearly ate him. But as luck would have it, Ernesto saw Jesus at the last minute and now he has him frozen in the freezer while he works out how he is going to frame the holy taco and put it on his wall.

Psst Looks more like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz.





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