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This Is Your Pilot Freaking

Remember the JetBlue  pilot who went troppo on a New York  flight in March? Sure you do, he jumped out of the cockpit midflight and went screaming down the aisle yelling crazy stuff about terrorists and 9/11 before being restrained by passengers. Yeah him. Well, he’s been ruled insane and won’t face any charges.


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It Always Ends In Tears

If you happen to be on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin and are bored senseless, you can always head to Maho Beach and jet blown away by airplane jet streams. You just gotta be careful of concrete walls.  JetBlue 1, girl 0



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Attention People, Does There Happened To Be A Pilot Onboard?

You know what I hate? When some crazed passenger goes running up and down the aisle of a JetBlue plane screaming “bomb” and “al Qaeda” and you discover it’s the friggin pilot. I really hate that! The co-pilot, god bless him, locked him out of the cockpit leaving the 135 passengers and 5 crew to deal with the psycho. While some whipped out their iphones to record the meltdown, others tried to restrain him, Meanwhile an off duty pilot assisted the co-pilot in landing the plane in Amarillo.

OMG, want to see the pilot being removed from the plane? Hannibal lector didn’t have it so rough!


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Air Crash Investigation

Phew, no need to worry people, the Jetblue plane which blew its tires and caught fire at Sacramento International Airport wasn’t faulty it was just that the  pilots accidentally landed with the parking brake on. Move on, nothing to see here.


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Go Slater, Go!

Damn it to hell, why is there a big friggin pole in the way? Here’s the footage the world has been dying to see ….emergency slide exit by Steven Slater .


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Flight Attendant Meltdown on JetBlue

OK, that was awkward.

Steven Slater has just won the award for best exit by a flight attendant after being verbally abused by a passenger. The JetBlue flight attendant was so pissed off by a passenger telling him to “fuck off” he started yelling obscenities over the public address system before grabbing two beers and exiting via the inflatable emergency slide. After flying down the slide he ran across the tarmac to the staff car park, jumped in his Jeep Wrangler and took off home. Ta-da. The melt down started after he told a passenger not to remove baggage from the overhead compartment. The passenger told him to “fuck off” and opened the compartment anyway, which whacked Slater on the head. After the plane pulled up to the terminal Slater let rip, screaming “To the fucking asshole that told me to fuck off, it’s been a good 28 years!” before grabbing the beers and pulling the emergency lever. It’s believed Slater’s father died from Lou Gehrig’s disease two years ago and he is currently living with his cancer stricken mom. Slater was arrested by the Port Authority.

Psst I sure hope there is surveillance footage. What a hoot!


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