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Turn The Other Cheek

kissOoh la la. A French thief who planted a kiss on the cheek of his victim has been caught thanks to his slobber. Yep, DNA is a bitch. Pierre and his sidekick followed an employee of a jewelry store home, tied her up, gagged her and poured petrol over her head until she revealed the codes to the stores alarm system and safes. One of the dudes then went and robbed the store while the other one watched over the terrified woman. When the job was completed Pierre untied the woman and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Poor Pierre. His DNA was registered on the national genetic database.


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They’ll Never Look There!!!

Oh for the love of god Robert Livingstone, did you have to hide the $300,000 worth of jewelry up your butt? Sheez, now no one is going to want to buy them! When Livingstone nicked the gems from a display cabinet at the Burswood Casino in Perth, Western Australia, he allegedly sprinted off to a public toilet and began hiding it up his ass. When police found him in the loo they did a strip search and viola, they discovered more than just the family jewels. The fool was later taken to Royal Perth hospital for an internal search.


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