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Hard Way Lesson

OK Loons, one more time. Just don’t live stream anything of any importance on FB, especially not your wedding. A woman decided it would be cool to stream her wedding live on Facebook. And it would have been had it not been for the groom doing a runner. Yep, no show. That would have been the longest of awks and where you should have cut the feed. But no, the jilted bride eventually had to walk up to the mic and tell her guests it was O-ver. The no-show was blamed mainly on the groom’s secret lover. But wait there is more. In a vain attempt to keep the wedding alive, her family begged his look-a-like-uncle to don on the suit and marry her to save face. Bless his heart, he demanded a million baht. That bride be feeling very unloved.


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The Wedding Is Off!!!

OMG, shock , horror. Hugh Hefner (85) and his fiancee (25) have called it quits days before the big wedding. Hugh and Crystal Harris have announced THE WEDDING IS OFF after having a big old row. Hmm, sheez, I wonder what they were fighting over? Well, this means only one thing girls, Hugh’s back on the market, yah!

Psst Crystal Harris has moved out of the mansion and is believed to now be dating Dr Phil’s son (that’s friggin quick). How’s that working for you? Creepy, isn’t it!


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