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There was as much fun in finding this friggin cow as there was in interrupting people eating to photograph it. Guernicow was designed by artist Jo Taylor for the Margaret River CowParade and can be found mingling with the patrons of Gnarabar.

Jo Taylor – Inspired by Picasso’s habit of moving limbs and adding bits in unusual places, rather than the depiction of the civil war destruction of Guernica.


Picasso inspired

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Prankster Steals the Cow Shed Cow

Holy Floating Cow  Batman, a prankster has stolen one of the 45kg Margaret River Cowparade cows. The Cow Shed cow (number 13) which was designed by Jo Taylor was happily grazing outside the Margarets Beach Resort in Prevelly until Saturday night, when someone armed with a friggin spanner unbolted it from it’s concrete base and …


In happier times



transported it to Gnarabup Beach (just down the road) where it was floated across to the  pontoon located out in the Indian Ocean. Bill Ivory was the first to discover the bouyant bovine “We had headed down at 6.30am to remove the pontoon and blow me down there was a cow on it,”  Hmm, surf n turf!

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for bothering to read the local news!

2nd Psst I certainly hope these aren’t friggin Afghani and Sri Lankan boat cows!


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