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To Be Sure, To Be Sure

Sheez, awesome decaf

Um, not sure if this is kinda discriminatory or friggin awesome …. an Irish woman had her South Korean teaching application rejected because, as stated in the response,  ” my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind,”  Well, cheers!

Psst Oh and FYI South Koreans actually drink more than the Irish …just saying

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Job Application Fail

criminalOK, one more time anyone looking for work, please don’t steal from the tip jar when applying for a job, even if it is only 15 bucks, because you’ll end up with a $500 fine and a whole lotta trust issues.


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So When Can You Start?

OK, here’s the thing dumbass teens, when stealing money from a Indiana Ice Cream Parlor tip jar, make sure you don’t put your names on a friggin job application form first. I’m just saying!

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Thief Fills Out Job Application

OK one more time people, do not, and I repeat do not, fill out a job application and then proceed to steal stuff (you go to another friggin store for that!). Look, I have been over this again and again, you either lead the life of a crim or you act responsibly and get a friggin job. A Scottish teenager went to a sports shop and placed his name and address on an application form before going into the change room and putting on two tracksuits and then walking out. It didn’t take a deerstalker and pipe to locate the dumbassed youth. And no he didn’t get the friggin job!


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