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Run Pooper, Run

What is up with the mystery jogger that likes to take a crap on people’s lawn. So random, so disgusting, so grrr. The unidentified culprit is a female who drops her load before jogging away. She even brings her own toilet paper and leaves that too. So mortified is one resident she has posted messages around the neighbourhood…“To the female jogger that continuously uses of walkway as her toilet: Please stop immediately! You have already exposed yourself to our children and the police have been contacted twice,”
Evidently there is a public toilet directly across from her dump site.

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Chariots of Hell Fire

Putney police want to have a few words with a jogger who appeared to push a woman in front of a bus.

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Jogger 0, Kangaroo 0.5

You know what I hate? When you are out jogging and you get kaboomed by a flying kangaroo….I really hate that.  The roo in question got hit by a car and flew right into the jogger, taking out his legs. Oh the calamity. No word on the kangaroo, but the jogger will be limping for a wee bit.


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Reindeers Do Fly

Hey Santa,  Rudolph is missing!!!

Hey Santa, Rudolph is missing!!!

You know what I hate? When you are having a bad day at work so you decide to take a leisurely jog to clear your head when kaboom, you get cleaned up by a flying deer that had just been hit by a car.I really friggin hate that. Although the jogger only had minor injuries she was left covered in blood…from the deer. Bad day indeed.


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Jogger Keeps Pooping On Her Morning Runs

When a New Mexico woman goes on her morning run part  of her ritual is to poop next to some poor guys house. Hell yes, he has the video to prove it. Hmm, that’s some nasty skidmarks right there. The man, who set up the security camera,  is not only mortified that she drops her daks near his house but that she doesn’t bother to wipe her butt either. He called her a “bad human”. So far no one has been able to identify the culprit.


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Jogger Killed By Amtrak Train

OK, the moral of the story is never, ever jog along a railway line while wearing headphone, earpiece or headset. Amanda Byrne was allegedly listening to music while jogging along the tracks in New Mexico when an Amtrak train hit her from behind. Despite the engineer using the warning horn several times and applying the emergency brakes, Ms Byrne continued jogging. Sadly the  train was unable to avoid her and she died at the scene.

Want sauce with that?


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Naked Jogger Fail

but without clothes...

Jogging naked except for goggles…that’s a tasering. When the drunk Melbourne man failed to stop the cops brought out their stun guns and zapped his sorry naked ass! Stopped him!

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Jogger Locked In A Public Toilet


How much do you think being locked in a public toilet for 17 hours is worth? Well, if it’s in London around about $756. A jogger who spent Christmas Eve  in the Dulwich Park men’s public toilets, after an attendant accidentally locked him in, was awarded the piddly compensation by Southwark Council. Evidently the CCTV footage shows the unnamed man wrapped in a garbage bag under the hand dryers trying to keep warm. It wasn’t until the following afternoon he was finally freed.

Psst Hmm, now had a plastic mannequin head fallen on his toes as well…I’m just saying!


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