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Hurricane Sandy vs Full Moon

Honey, I think I might go for a little jog with my horse head mask while there is a lull in the hurricane . No, don’t worry, no one will see me ….


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No Little Penn For Scarlett Johansson

Good lord when Scarlett Johansson  was faced with pregnancy rumors after a series of unflattering photos were published of her jogging with boyfriend Sean Penn (yes, didn’t you know?) she had only two options … admit she was plump or make up an outlandish statement about how she had a really bad running style and was shot  in unflattering light. Attagirl, she chose the later. No one puts Scarlett in a maternity ward!

Psst Wanna see the unflattering shots? Click here.


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Jogger Killed By Amtrak Train

OK, the moral of the story is never, ever jog along a railway line while wearing headphone, earpiece or headset. Amanda Byrne was allegedly listening to music while jogging along the tracks in New Mexico when an Amtrak train hit her from behind. Despite the engineer using the warning horn several times and applying the emergency brakes, Ms Byrne continued jogging. Sadly the  train was unable to avoid her and she died at the scene.

Want sauce with that?


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Things Not To Do In Alaska

Holy friggin werewolf Batman, a female special education teacher has been mauled to death by a wolf while jogging in Alaska. Candice Berner had only just arrived in Chignik to start work at a local school. The body was found by a group who’s been clam digging and say the wolf  had been stalking them earlier in the day.


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