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Let It Be

wolf in sheepsRemember David Mark Chapman, the dude who murdered John Lennon in cold blood? Well, he fronted the parole board for the 9th time this week to plead his case for release. He told them he was “sorry for being such as idiot”. OK yeah, whatever, parole denied. Prison Fields Forever.


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I’m Just Sitting Here Watching The Wheels Go Round and Round

It’s that time again when Mark Chapman comes up for parole and Yoko Ono is forced to send a letter saying DON’T. This will be the seventh time John Lennon’s killer will face the board and Ono’s 7th letter. In his last hearing he told the parole board he murdered the ex Beatle because he wanted ‘instant notoriety’ so he could ‘become someone’ but ‘I became a murderer and murderers are not somebodies.’ Hmm, that really isn’t remorseful, that’s a tad narcissistic . Better hurry up and send that letter Yoko!!!


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Lucy Is In The Sky With Diamonds

The little girl who inspired John Lennon to pen “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” has died of the autoimmune disease lupus. Despite many fans believing the song was about LSD, it was really inspired by his young son Julian’s classmate Lucy O’Donnell. Julian had drawn a picture of her at school and when he took it home he told his dad it was”Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”. Lucy O’Donnell (Vodden) was 46 years old.


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