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Josef Fritzl and His Wicked Ways

The last man on earth you would want to celebrate Father’s Day with, is now claiming he kept his mother bricked up in a room for 20 years too. Josef Fritzl is friggin evil. Leaked documents have revealed that the “born to be a rapist” kept his mother bricked up in a room so she could never see light of day. Hmm, he’s claiming he had a few childhood issues.”She used to beat me, hit me until I was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. It left me feeling totally humiliated and weak,”.Despite the fact that neighbors claim Mrs Fritzl died in 1959 word about town is she was alive up until 1980.She wasn’t however kept in the dungeon like her grand daughter but in a room at the top of the house. Fat lot of good that revelation is for Elisabeth and her children who lost 24 years of their lives. And what, pray tell, was Josef’s wife doing during all of this time ?

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