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Move Over Judge Judy

judge 2You know a crim has got up the nose of a judge when she calls him “a c**t ”. Yep, the racist thug started his tirade from the docks by calling Judge Lynch “a bit of a c**t” so she retorted with “You are a bit of a c**t  yourself”. He then yelled back “Go f**k yourself.” Her response? “You too,”. Priceless.

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Are You Kidding?

goat 4Authorities in Chhattishgarh, India arrested a goat for trespassing in a judge’s garden. The naughty goat had jumped a fence and was munching on  flowers and vegetables when discovered. On a bright note the poor hungry beast was released on bail but the owner will face criminal charges.

PSST Lucky the goat didn’t end up in a curry….just saying


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Bad Blood

Didn't give blood ...and you?

Didn’t give blood …and you?

An Alabama judge has raised a few eyebrows after he told small time offenders, who couldn’t pay their fines, to give blood or go to jail. The damn ethics groups are whining “Judges may not jail someone simply because they are poor and not able to pay.” Hmm, hello, don’t do the crime.


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But I AM Yelling

Where the hell is the cap lock?

Where the hell is the cap lock?

A judge has told a father during a custody dispute to stop emailing his children using all capital letters because it is like he is yelling at them. SERIOUSLY? The judge has assigned him a family assistance officer to “help to make his messages appropriate and child friendly,”

Psst Nanny State England


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Smoke And Mirrors

Does this mean I am innocent again?

Does this mean I am innocent again?

Why doesn’t this just go away? Seems the chief judge in the Amanda Knox ping pong conviction may have given the girl a lifeline. Yep, the bigmouthed judge has been making comments that could show a ‘clear evidence of prejudice’. It all came down after the new verdict, when the Judge Nencini admitted, during an interview, that judges had become confused about the case due to all the misleading TV reports and newspaper articles.


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Frivolous Lawsuiters Take Heed

judge 2Take note frivolous lawsuiters, if you try suing the Dominican Republic because it rained on your vacation you might get called a “quarrelsome litigant” by a Quebec judge. The label means the guy, who has filed 70 small claims against people , companies and a country, can no longer file a lawsuit unless he gets court approval.


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Driving School Justifies Charging Women More

Spanish women worse drivers than menIt’s official, women are the worst drivers….in Spain that is…. after a driving school successfully argued the point in court. The school had been charged with sexual discrimination for charging women more for driving lessons but were able to prove, through data, that men took fewer lessons than women to pass their driving exams. Judge sided with the school. Another win for Team Men


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Shame , Shame, Shame

shrugging-2A NSW judge has let a father walk free from court with a good behaviour bond, despite the man pleading guilty to repeatedly raping his daughter since she was 9 years old. The daughter who is now 19 collapsed and was rushed to hospital when Judge Roy Ellis, handed down the sentence.

Want sauce with that?


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Judge Orders Driver to Wear Idiot Sign

A judge in Cleveland has ordered a woman, who was caught on camera driving up a sidewalk to avoid waiting behind a school bus, to stand at an intersection for two days wearing a a sign saying “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”.  Hmm, so I wonder how many drivers will be distracted by that?  Yep, this could only happen in Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman. Yes, Bearman and Bill, I know, Ohio is the State that will determine the next US President!!!!!


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Bleeding Obvious

The most bleeding obvious statement of the week goes to the judge with this little beauty…. “I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to kill the victim.”  Hmm, I would think so, the victim was stabbed over 100 times.


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