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Julia Gillard Gets Slammed

Ex Aussie Prime Minister gets the RKO in a viral video


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Game Of Polls

Australia is currently in caretaker mode as we wait patiently to go to the polls in September. If you don’t follow Aussie politics this may go whizzing past your head but for everyone here in OZ this is friggin hilarious ….


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Ding Dong

Alas poor Julia. I knew her,  Kevin. A woman of infinite jest.  And like every great Shakespearean tragedy the antagonist gets it in the back just when they least expect it. Exit stage left.

Psst For those of you unaware, our Prime Minister , Julia Gillard, got ousted by the same man she stabbed in the back to get into the top position 3 years ago.

Too soon to joke?

Too soon to joke?


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Julia Gillard is Just As Sexist

Australia’s Prime Minister Miss Julia Gillard , who is staring defeat in the face , launched a new election strategy/campaign entitled “Women for Gillard”,  in an attempt to get female voters on her side. Reason? She has continually tried to label  the opposition leader  Tony Abbott, a misogynist and wants to nuture that view among female voters. Now, in fear of being labelled a misandrist (and sexist)  herself, maybe Miss Gillard should have entitled her campaign “Men and Women for Gillard” ?  Just saying.

Psst I am so sick of politicians attacking each other, get on with running the damn country. So friggin what if Tony Abbott is a  misogynist, his deputy is a friggin woman and he’s MARRIED with DAUGHTERS. This does not affect how someone runs a country. He’s accountable to the people and the party. Hmm, and anywho this is all a bit rich coming from a woman who used the faceless MEN, to stab Kevin Rudd in the back so SHE could gain power without an election. And maybe Miss Gillard you should also take a long hard look at your partner, who made a sexist and racist joke at a recent function, before throwing stones….. I so hate politicians of all persuasions.

2nd Psst Apologies for publishing this on Friggin Loon but all the news websites for some reason aren’t allowing comments.


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Australian Prime Minister Announces The End Of The World

Holy crap, the apocalypse is nigh, Julia Gillard said so. Run for your lives. I know a little place in France….


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Julia Gillard Face Plants in India

OK, I know it’s wrong to laugh but Blahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahaha. For those not on the island, this is Australia’s Prime Minister face planting in India. Heels are a bitch in soft grass!!!!

Psst If that was me I would play dead. How embarrassing.


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No Comment

Blahahahahaha, Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been running two blogs since March this year. So far she has managed to get one comment and 5 likes. In return, taxpayers are forking out  $53,000 for the cost of running the damn things. The Government describes the blogs as an “online conversation”.


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Did Bob Brown See This Coming?

When the leader of the Greens suddenly resigned a few weeks back, you gotta ask yourself, what did he know? Because after this weeks “dark cloud” dumping removal of two of Prime Minister Gillard’s labor politicians from their positions, you have to be thinking , he knew the shit was about to be hit the fan.

Yesterday the Prime Minister had to admit she “underestimated public sentiment” which kinda hints that there is more to come and I wouldn’t be surprised if they comes in the form of Fair Work Australia releasing their findings on Craig Thompson. Talk about a disgraceful and desperate attempt to keep her in power by  delaying the investigation  of  Craig Thomson for 4 friggin years. Makes  you think the Australian political system is beyond corrupt, and both parties, Labor and the Coalition, should collectively hang their  heads in shame. We need a Royal Commission (run by an independent body) into Fair Work Australia, unions and both our go called political parties, as it is obvious, no one can be trusted in this country anymore.  There is an assumption by both sides that the public accept their lies, spins and hidden agendas. Hello, The Hague, this is the Australian people calling!!!!

Psst We should also be able to declare our election votes null and void, as we were lied to when Labor told us there would be absolutely no Carbon Tax !! Nether side should be allowed to take on preferences votes unless it is a close call.

2nd Psst Phew, now I need a drink…make it a double!


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To All The Aussie Loons

I'll get you my Ruddy and your job too!

Ding Dong the witch is back. I for one am ordering another house….this time double brick!!!!

Psst Fairy Face, what happened? You were suppose to slap her right out of parliament!!!!!!!


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Is There Someone Else Lurking in the Background?

As the current Australian Prime Minister (AKA Julia Gillard)  and the ex Foreign Minister (Kevin Rudd)  go for each others throats,  fighting to be top dog, I can’t help but think that the so called “faceless men” are wringing their hands in glee. Is there a third Labor politician lurking in the background, who, as this leadership challenge ends in an absolute bloody mess, will raise his/her hand on Monday morning to take over as Australia’s Prime Minister and send both Rudd and Gillard  to the back benches? Don’t be surprised if Stephen Smith or Bill Shorten (AKA Australia’s Governor General’s son-in law) step up under the ruse they had to do it to “save the Party’s reputation”.

Psst This is turning into an embarrassing farce, if any one of them cared about the people of Australia or their party they would call a new election.

2nd Psst AND stop talking about how you rode Australia out of the Global Financial Crisis. You spent every dime in the coffers and borrowed our children’s future for us to, so call, “survive”.  Now we are paying in taxes. Hmm, let see, how many new taxes have you enforce during your time in power????

Roll up! Roll up!


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