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Word Of Warning, Don’t Hug Crocodiles

Oh for goodness sakes fool, how much did you friggin drink to think you could jump over a barbed wire fence and jump on the back of a 16ft (5m) crocodile called Fatso so you could give him a pat, huh? The thirty something dumbass had been booted out of a pub in Broome in Western Australia when he decided to head for the Croc Park and give the massive reptile a hug. Somehow he managed to scale the barbed wire fence and jump on the back of Fatso before the croc had had enough and bit the fool on the leg. The owner of the park was amazed that the giant beast, who aren’t renowned for letting go of their prey, let the fool live. Hmm, maybe he doesn’t like marinated meat? Anywho, after the man was bitten he went back to the pub where I am sure there was plenty of WTF’s before they rang an ambulance. He  is still in hospital after having surgery to reattach all the muscles and crap that was damaged during the altercation.


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