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Loon Solution

Hey Kim Jong Un, what’s up with popping those missiles over Japan? You know damn well the UN is going to send you a harshly worded letter… AGAIN. I suggest the world retaliates by dropping millions and millions of junk food parcels into Pyongyang. Imagine how pissed the North Koreans will be with Kim Jong Un when they realise they have been hangry all these years. Just keep dropping chocolate, gummy bears, Mars bars, cookies, Starbucks (luke warm of course)…goddam everything, the sugar rush alone is enough to cause an overthrow.


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Lovin It

Just stop it!

Attention fools who are feeding cheeseburgers to a family of black bears, friggin quit it. Colorado wildlife authorities are on the look out for people hand feeding Burger King  food to a black bear and her cubs. The mother is now so keen to chow down on junk food she has been reported rummaging through cars for snacks.


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