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Beiber Is The New Orange

Take a bow Beibs , you finally got the attention you were craving. If you haven’t heard, Justin Beiber was arrested yesterday for street racing while under the influence of a cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs. He becomes the latest star to don the orange jumpsuit.


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Justin Beiber Begone

2014 is looking better already with the announcement that the Beibs is retiring. Here is the goat version of his hit. See ya Beibs.


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Would Anne Frank Have Been A Belieber?

Justin Beiber signs Anne Frank House guestbookGuess what Justin Beiber wrote in the guestbook after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam?

‘Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.’

Oh for crying out loud, that is one hell of an ego you have there son. Plus the last thing I need is an  image of Anne Frank bopping to Beibs.

Psst Never thought I would see Justin Beiber and Anne Frank mentioned in the same sentence!!!



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Falling Like Flies

First of all Kelly Osbourne collapses and has a seizure on the studio floor of her show, Fashion Police,  and then blow me down if Justin Beiber doesn’t collapse while performing in London. Did I mention Kim Kardashian nearly had a miscarriage. Good lord, what up Hollywood?


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Justin Beiber is a Daddy?

Well knock me down with a feather, seems Justin Beiber has got himself a little paternity suit. A 20 year old California woman is claiming the 17 year old is the father of her three month old baby boy. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. The woman is demanding a paternity test to confirm whether some backstage hanky panky last year has left the pop singer with a permanent child support bill.  Baby, baby, baby oh!  Selena won’t be amused. Quick, get Maury on the line!!!


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Bieber Bullied

Oh dear god say it ain’t so, Justin Bieber, has become the victim of homophobic bullying (NO, how could that be?). Seems while the Bieber was playing laser tag in Richmond (Canada) some kid called him a “faggot” (tsk, tsk).It all started when the kid decided to single out the Bieber and continually shoot at him. When Beiber said “That’s enough” the kid replied “What are you gonna do about it, faggot?”. Oh dear, this is where it gets all a bit murky. The father of the kid is claiming Bieber hit  his son. Team Bieber are denying he touched the kid. Hmm, this may shed some light, a person at the scene said the father kept telling people “I’m a lawyer, I’m a lawyer.”

Psst Next time you might want to try Paintball, its a lot more manly!

2nd Psst Who the hell is Justin Bieber?


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