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Justin Bieber Repels Just About Everything

bearAmong his numerous skills, Justin Bieber can now add a bear repellent. Who knew? When a Russian man named Igor was jumped by a brown bear while fishing he thought he was a goner but fortunately Igor had set his cellphone ringtone to Bieber’s classic “Baby” . During the attack his phone happened to ring scaring the beejeezus out of the bear .

Still no word on why a 42 year old man would have Justin Bieber on his phone.


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Justin Bieber Has Been Cyber Slapped

What the hell? I woke up this morning to get my daily dose of  Bieber and he’s gone! Yep, some bastard has managed to have all Justin Bieber’s videos removed from Youtube! Seriously folks, he’s been cyber slapped by iLCreation who is some nasty cyber bully enemy who submitted a copyright claim on every single Bieber song and so YouTube removed them all.



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Bieber Pelted With Eggs

Oh dear, who would dare throw eggs at poor little singing sensation Justin Bieber while performing in front his adoring Sydney fans? Well, someone did. Six of the little suckers were hurled from the crowd onto the stage as he sang. It was obviously wasn’t  a girl because they all missed. Anywho, the Bieb was unscathed but the Beliebers  ain’t happy  and have gone on the social networking sites to voice their disapproval.

Psst Sheez, he should be grateful they didn’t pelt him with emu eggs, now that would have hurt!


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Hitler Has Justin Bieber Shot

Give up already, the little freak ain’t going away that easy!


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Bieber Ain’t Bulletproof

We can only dream …..


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Justin Bieber is Dead

What took you so friggin long guys?


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Halloween Stabbing Thanks To Justin Bieber

OK here’s the thing kid, if your mommy says “No, you can’t go trick or treating dressed as a gay Justin Bieber” don’t be pulling a friggin knife on her, Bieber would not approve.The 12 year old from Surprise chucked a hell tantrum after his mother told him his Bieber costume was disrespectful, so she grounded his sorry ass from Halloweening but in response he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. Of course she rang the police, no one puts Bieber in the corner.

Psst So how does one dress like a “gay” Justin Bieber,  pray tell?


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