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All You Need Is

A Little joey has become so attached to his rescuer he aint never letting go.


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Jogger 0, Kangaroo 0.5

You know what I hate? When you are out jogging and you get kaboomed by a flying kangaroo….I really hate that.  The roo in question got hit by a car and flew right into the jogger, taking out his legs. Oh the calamity. No word on the kangaroo, but the jogger will be limping for a wee bit.


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Don’t you just wish sometimes you could do this?



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La Kangaroo

What is worse than a rabid raccoon? Friggin Rémi Gaillard in a kangaroo suit.


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Drown Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Here’s one to tell the grandkids, Chris Richard is in hospital nursing his wounds after a 1.5m nasty assed roo tried to drown him and his blue healer Rocky. It all started after the two were walking around their property and disturbed a sleeping kangaroo. Boo! The startled roo, up and jumped straight into a dam followed closely behind by Rocky. But before Rocky could so much as bippity boppity boo, the roo had grabbed him with it’s front paws and held him underwater. Enter Mr Richards, who as he tried to drag the dog out from under, became the roos next victim. Kicked, punched and slapped by the vicious adrenalin pumping marsupial Mr Richards found himself being pushed underwater too. If it wasn’t for his elbow to the roo’s throat he would have been killed my Australia’s national symbol. Mr Richard 0, Rocky 0, Kick Ass Roo 1.

Psst And that my friends is why you should never given a kangaroo Red Bull!


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As Good As It Gets

I would have stayed for the whole hour, but then again I'm a mad cow

I would have stayed for the whole hour, but then again I'm a mad cow

Evidently Atherton psychologist Suzanne Habib is not only popular amongst humans but also marsupials. Yesterday, a 1.5 kangaroo came bursting into her office, wreaking havoc in a 6 minute hissy fit. Obviously the roo had some issues but wasn’t willing to take to the couch to discuss them, instead he took great pleasure in trashing her room. In the meantime Ms Habib  had taken a position on top of her desk as the roo continued to show signs of psychotic behavior. When the angry creature decided he was getting absolutely nowhere with Ms Habib, he bounded back out the door, nearly bowling over a little old lady on a walking frame.

Psst Due to the short duration spent with Ms Habib, the  roo will only be charged for a half hour session.


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