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Just Saying

Yo Snooki, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Kim Kardashian is gonna have one of the best babies of all time! One of the best babies of all time! – Kanye West


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My, What Shiny Teeth You Have

WTF. Remember Kanye West, the singer who immortalized himself on Hollywood’s walk of shame by grabbing the mic and dissing Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards while she was making her acceptance speech. Well anywho he has just appeared on Ellen Degeneres sporting diamond teeth. Yes, you heard me diamond friggin teeth. He told Ellen he had a row of bottom teeth removed and replaced with diamonds and gold. Hands up who believes him? Dumbass. Watch, his lower lip will eventually get shredded to pieces!

Psst “Kanye I’m happy for you but Amy Winehouse has the best teeth of the year!”


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Want a Good Cry?

Having side stepped the Kanye West controversy with grace and dignity, Beyonce has taken another step to sainthood with a touching moment in Sydney. The audience was left one big blubbering mess after Beyonce serenaded Chelsea, a young girl with leukemia….watch if you dare

Psst Want to make a difference?  National Children’s Leukemia Foundation (USA), Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Childrens Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation (Aus) or Children With Leukaemia (UK)


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Kanye West Dissed by Batman!

It was bad enough Hitler was pissed off with Kanye West but now friggin Batman!!! OK, Christian Bale, but he played Batman!

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And Let The Spoofing Begin

Kanye West dissing has begun and even Barrack Obama has got in on the act. Ooh but wait there’s more, Bearman has dedicated a toon to the loon as well. And word just in, Hitler hates Kanye too!

Curious squirrel and Kanye West


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