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Not Environmentally Friendly Enough

James Lee, the man who was killed after taking hostages at Discovery Channel’s headquarters yesterday, was pissed that the company was making shows like “Kate Plus 8,” Evidently the Gosselins weren’t environmentally friendly enough and were not about to save the planet anytime soon. Dah! Maybe he should have flicked over to Nat Geo!

Psst Thank goodness they didn’t sign up Octomom.


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Back From Hiatus Huh?

Jonathan Lee Riches claims he is sperm donor to OctomomOh how fab, my favorite wacko is at it again. Yes, Jonathan Lee Riches, who has his own friggin Wiki page for goodness sakes, is back suing again and this time he has some famous little snowflakes in his sights. Oh dear, Riches is claiming not just Octomom but Kate’s 8 kiddies are his. Hmm, last time I looked he wasn’t Asian but I digress! Oh and there’s more, he also wants custody of the Kate’s kids, Octomom’s kids, John Edwards’ love child, every friggin kid on the soap “All My Children'” and Bristol Palin’s snowflake “which Bristol kidnapped from Linda Tripp.” Good luck with that, you total time waster! Yeah, yeah I know what your thinking, this dude can’t be serious! Hmm, hell he is….check out his hand written claim.


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