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Hope You Like

Evidently dressing up as Borat in the infamous green mankini in Kazakhstan is considered minor hooliganism (love that word!). Just ask the 6 Czech tourists who were detained and fined.  Still too soon. Seems the Kazakhs are still really pissed at that movie for making them out to be backward peasants.

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I’m Alright, Don’t You Worry About Me

A dumbass gopher is refusing to relocate despite living right next to a rocket launch pad in Kazakhstan. Oh dear, we’ve all seen Caddyshack, this is not going to end well!!!!

original footage


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How Bad is Kazakhstan?

We have a bleeder!

How far would you go to avoid being extradited? Well, a Kazakh man cut off his penis at a Madrid airport, beat that! The middle age man had just finished a 5 year prison sentence and was being escorted back to Kazakhstan by several police officers when he used a knife, he had hidden, to cut his willy right off. Extreme, but it worked, he is now in a serious condition in a SPANISH hospital!


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