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Special K!

Step away from your cereal bowls loons. Dear lord, a video “supposedly” of a disgruntled Kellogg’s worker peeing on products on the assembly line has appeared on Youtube. The crunchy ones on the top you can eat, while the ones on the bottom you can drink. Kellogg’s are in damaged control as they work with law enforcement to identify the culprit at the Memphis facility . They believe the products that could be affected included Rice Krispies Treats and puffed rice cake products. But before you go throwing out your cereal the incident happened in 2014 so it is more than likely the contaminated cereal has already been eaten.


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Kelloggs Package Liners Stink

OK Loons, if any of you have Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops or Honey Smacks cereals in your pantry, you might want to bin them. Kelloggs are having a 28 million box recall on the products after several consumers complained about a horrible smell and flavor coming from the package liners. The liners folks, the LINERS!!!! Five of the people who complained actually vomited. Only boxes with the letters “KN” after the used by date are included in the recall.


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