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Shoelaces and a Hubcap?

Colonel Sanders reveals his secret recipe ….or does he ….


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What About PETA?

Calling Harry Connick, Harry Connick to the front desk please. Hmm, the Aussies have been branded racist once more by the Americans, thanks to a 20 second KFC commercial. Seems handing out a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to West Indian cricket fans to shut them up is deemed racist. A tad precious me thinks.


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KFC Gets Talibanned!

WTF Bok! WTF Bok!WTF Bok!

Holy Big Mac Batman, a car bomb has gone off next to KFC in Peshawar, Pakistan. Yes, that’s right, Colonel Sanders has outlets friggin everywhere! Latest reports are three people are dead from the blast (I repeat from the blast!). Seems the Taliban don’t like western scum dog fried chicken either! Oh well at least you know it’s flame grilled now!

Psst No long fingering licking good!


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