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Amish Men Choose Jail Over Safety

Oh for crying out loud, a group of Kentucky Amish men have been jailed for refusing to put those damn bright orange safety triangles on the backs of their slow moving buggies. Seems those safety triangles violate their religious beliefs, in particular displaying “loud” colors and using “worldly symbols”. Evidently triangles are a no-no because it’s the symbol of the Holy Trinity. The men believed their reflective tape was adequate but Kentucky police say no, so they will all be serving between 3-10 days in jail.

Psst Not happy with the road rules…don’t use the roads!!! Why is it that  minorities believe they are a law amongst themselves. Slow moving vehicles are a road hazard and should be equipped with the appropriate equipment to make it safe for ALL road users. Not rocket science.


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Man Arrested Over Collar Bomb

Remember the Maddie Pulver “collar bomb” case in Sydney a few weeks back? Yeah, well, they have arrested a 50 year old man in Kentucky over it. NSW police have been working closely with the FBI to make the arrest. The man is believed to be an Australian bussinessman who commutes from Australia to the US. They have yet to release too many details but it appears to be an extortion plot and there is a link between the man and the Pulver family. Well that’s kind of embarrassing, dumbass didn’t even have a chance to list his demands.


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Gay Hazard

Lordie, lordie, lordie, two disabled gay men were told they weren’t allowed to swim at a public pool and recreation center in Hazard , Kentucky,  because the Bible said so.  Yep, one of the staff told them that according to the Bible, gay people weren’t allowed to swim  in their public pool. The two distraught and confused men eventually left in tears. Hmm, it gets worse, city officials are refusing to change their anti-gay laws. Sheez, I hope they gave them cooties!


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Honey, You Seen the Blowtorch?

Oh boy, one more time people, do not and I repeat, do not use a blowtorch to melt icicles hanging from your roof, it only ends with your house catching on fire and having to explain what you did to firefighters. The home owner from Buechel in Kentucky was concerned about icicles impaling his family so he grabbed his blowtorch and melted them. Hmm, seems logical. Problem was, a spark must have ignited something flammable, like the roof, without him realizing and when he returned from some errands OMG. Bye-bye roof, attic and new extensions.


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