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Handy Robots For The Dinner Table

Don’t you hate it when your ketchup robot makes a mess?

Don’t worry dear loons, we have a solution, a ketchup clean up robot.


See, all good.



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Granny With A Grudge

Take that!

There is nothing worse than a granny with a grudge, especially when it involves ketchup, mayo, corn syrup and a book library drop box. For over a year the Ada County Community Library have been trying to catch the fiend who had been pouring an assortment of condiments into the drive up book drop off box and ruining books. Well, mystery is finally over. Joy Cassidy (75) was caught after a Boise police stakeout and sentenced to a month in jail. Seems her motive was revenge for how some senior cits had been treated by patrons and staff over the years.


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The Americanization Of Australia

You say ketchup, we say tomato sauce. What the? Friggin Heinz are taking “tomato sauce” off their Australian sauce bottles and replacing it with “Tomato Ketchup”. You don’t put friggin ketchup on a meat pie for crying out loud! Sheez, I bet this is Oprah’s doing!

Psst Thank god they can’t mess with a Chiko Roll!!!!


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