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Game Of Polls

Australia is currently in caretaker mode as we wait patiently to go to the polls in September. If you don’t follow Aussie politics this may go whizzing past your head but for everyone here in OZ this is friggin hilarious ….


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We Have A Spill

This is all I have to Say …


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Ding Dong

Alas poor Julia. I knew her,  Kevin. A woman of infinite jest.  And like every great Shakespearean tragedy the antagonist gets it in the back just when they least expect it. Exit stage left.

Psst For those of you unaware, our Prime Minister , Julia Gillard, got ousted by the same man she stabbed in the back to get into the top position 3 years ago.

Too soon to joke?

Too soon to joke?


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To All The Aussie Loons

I'll get you my Ruddy and your job too!

Ding Dong the witch is back. I for one am ordering another house….this time double brick!!!!

Psst Fairy Face, what happened? You were suppose to slap her right out of parliament!!!!!!!


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Is There Someone Else Lurking in the Background?

As the current Australian Prime Minister (AKA Julia Gillard)  and the ex Foreign Minister (Kevin Rudd)  go for each others throats,  fighting to be top dog, I can’t help but think that the so called “faceless men” are wringing their hands in glee. Is there a third Labor politician lurking in the background, who, as this leadership challenge ends in an absolute bloody mess, will raise his/her hand on Monday morning to take over as Australia’s Prime Minister and send both Rudd and Gillard  to the back benches? Don’t be surprised if Stephen Smith or Bill Shorten (AKA Australia’s Governor General’s son-in law) step up under the ruse they had to do it to “save the Party’s reputation”.

Psst This is turning into an embarrassing farce, if any one of them cared about the people of Australia or their party they would call a new election.

2nd Psst AND stop talking about how you rode Australia out of the Global Financial Crisis. You spent every dime in the coffers and borrowed our children’s future for us to, so call, “survive”.  Now we are paying in taxes. Hmm, let see, how many new taxes have you enforce during your time in power????

Roll up! Roll up!


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Let The War Begin

The soap opera , which is the spat between Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister, has just got a whole lot cliff hangier. Mr Rudd has officially resigned and is heading back to Australia to gather his troops. Meanwhile, Gillard, who was never actually voted in by the people, is counting the numbers. Stay tuned …..


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It’s Kevin Rudd’s Fault?

Oh yes, Australia has it’s very own Fred Phelps. Remember Daniel Nalliah from the Catch the Fire Ministries? He’s the one that claimed the 2008 Victorian bushfires were a result of  the State’s abortion laws. Hmm, well, he’s back. Now Mr Nalliah’s focus is on the devastating Queensland floods. He believes it’s ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s fault. Reason? Wait for it… Rudd “spoke against Israel” in December 2010 and God is angry. Yep.


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Kevin O Lemon’s Hours Are Numbered

In what was probably a cleverly calculated move, Julia Gillard has requested a leadership ballot.  Seems some of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s senior colleagues are no longer happy with how he is running the country. At 9am tomorrow Australia will know if it will have it’s first female Prime Minister. Hmm, in his late night press conference Rudd continued to use the ” I steered the Australian economy through the global financial crisis” spiel . Yes he did, spending the surplus left by the Liberal Government and putting Australia in massive financial debt for years (if not decades). I wonder how much he really borrowed from China? Anywho, tomorrow will reveal his fate. Hmm, I wonder if he can squeeze in another overseas trip before then…I’m just saying! Oh and wipe the smirk off your face Tony Abbott no one particularly likes you or your budgie smugglers either!

Psst Sheez Julia, hope you got the numbers or it could be friggin awkward day for ya tomorrow!

UPDATE: Julia Gillard has managed to shove Kevin Rudd out of the leadership role bringing to an end not just a first termer but the dominance of men in the top job. Sheez, in the blink of an eye!!!


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If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself!

Oh for goodness sakes, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be friggin grateful comedian Robin Williams pulled the piss on the land down under. Better publicity than their friggin tourist campaigns!


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Kevin Rudd President Of Ukraine

Well suddenly I have new respect for British University students. When confronted with a photo of a beaming Australian Prime Minister and his wife during a BBC quiz show, the brainiest youths of Britain were unable to identify who he was. After an awkward pause they eventually threw in Ukraine President just to fill in the uncomfortable silence. Well Mr Rudd might have to get his spin doctors to work overtime to get him some respect beyond the big island. So much for Bill Clinton thinking you were the smartest man he ever met!


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