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KFC Best Present EVER

OMG, OMG, OMG, for a short time the KFC online store is selling a $10,000 “internet escape pod”. The pod is actually a tent that blocks out all wireless signals. It comes with a protective Colonel Sanders draped over it. The cost includes a KFC rep to come over to your place to install it. The director for advertising said “We’ve come up with several technologically advanced, creative experiences for our customers and fans this year. But even we feel the burden of technology during the holiday season. So we decided to go in the opposite direction and create an anti-technology product, using technology, to help one lucky buyer literally escape the holiday chaos,”


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Chicken Tonight?

Get out, get out

Seriously, someone should create a website call “Things you find in food”. A teen in California got a nice little surprise in his KFC…. a brain. OK it was later verified as a chicken gizzard but it hell looked like a brain. The store gave him his 4 bucks back. Nice.


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Shoelaces and a Hubcap?

Colonel Sanders reveals his secret recipe ….or does he ….


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Not Those Nuggets, Silly!!!

Thieves break into KFC instead of jewellery storeThis is not what you want. A pair of dumbass thieves burrowed through a wall in Brisbane expecting to end up in a Jewellery store but instead they came face to face with junior staff at KFC. Whoopsie , seems the pair hacked through the wrong wall. Undeterred,they decided to hold up the Kentucky Fried Chicken store instead . This had been the pair’s third attempt at breakinginto the jewellery store.

Psst Yes, they got caught.


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I’m Guessing That’s a No To Bacon

When a  customer got angry for being denied  bacon on their burger at a Halal-friendly  KFC store in Sydney this is what happened …..

KFC have suspended the staff member and are investigating whether the customer deliberately provoked him, which I suspect he did.

And yes, KFC has Muslim friendly stores in Australia  where they don’t serve bacon or pork in accordance with Islamic law.

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for the story


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KFC Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Woohoo, Merry Friggin Christmas, KFC are finally getting their act together and offering gift cards for Aussie fast food junkies. Bless. If you are scratching your head wondering what to get  finger licking loved one  for Christmas , wonder no more. The KFC cards start at $10 and go all the way up to $500 (that’s one big friggin bucket of chicken!) redeemable at any time of the day or night. I can hear my arteries hardening as I speak.



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Build It and They Will Come

or as we like to say the KKDD!

The day can not pass without me mentioning the latest heart attack on a plate. Remember KFC’s Double Down? Come on loons, the bacon and cheese shoved between two pieces of fried chicken instead of the buns! Hmm, well whack that between a Krispy Kreme and viola, hardened arteries forever. Bravo, calorie overkill. I can’t make this up ….check out the Consumerist.


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KFC Without The Buns!

Hmm, a heart attack waiting to happen. Thank goodness for Obama’s new health reforms!

Psst You might want to venture over to Hambo Central after eating one of these and check for symptoms!


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Epic McDonalds Fail

WTF, are you sure you are talking McDonalds here ? Looks more like a McKFC boo boo to me!


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Colonel Sanders Bronze Bust Stolen

We ain't returning it EVER!!!

If you are a KFC lover and live in Kentucky have I got a deal for you. The KFC in Berea is offering $500 worth of free chicken for anyone who can help in the return of Colonel Sanders bronze bust. Yep, someone nicked it from the front of the store. The bust was last seen with  four guys who fled in a silver car. Rhonda Hall the manager said “It’s like, this big, his whole head. It’s really detailed, all the features and everything. Some employees were in the dining room when four young guys came in. When she came back to the dining area, it was gone.”


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