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Granny Kicks Pumpkin Head in The Balls


If you waltz into 88 year old Kathryn Byassee’s Kentucky home without so much as a hello, expect a kick in the balls. When Ms Byassee walked into her kitchen at 5 am she was confronted by an intruder wearing a pumpkin mask. As he wrestled her into the bedroom and tried to smother her with a pillow she gave him one almighty kick in the crotch. That’s a monster mash right there! Police are now looking for a seriously embarrassed pumpkin with a limp.


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Best Taser Story of The Week

Atta boys!

And the winner goes to the 10 year old girl who kicked a police officer in the balls and got tasered for her troubles. Lets just say her mother wasn’t very helpful, she encouraged the cop to taser her. The Ozark police were called to the girl’s house after her mother rang begging them to have her taken to a youth shelter. When they arrived they found the screaming crying child refusing to budge, so her mom told them to taser her if need be. Allegedly officer Dustin Bradshaw then carried her to the living room where he received a hard kick to the nuts, legs and feet. Hmm, so after a little tasering she was handcuffed, carried to the car and promptly delivered to the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter. Problem solved.


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