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Pilot, Can You Deploy The Air Mask

My actual worst nightmare, sitting next to someone with BO. Apparently, I am not alone. This week a couple were removed from an American Airlines flight because several passengers complained about their chronic body odor. Just so awks. I can remember many moons ago walking into a cloud of BO in an aisle of a supermarket. It was so thick and putrid that the stench cloud engulfed me and then held me hostage. It even infiltrated my clothes and HAIR. I can remember gagging and as customers walked by they gave me side-eye as if it was me. The trauma was real.

PSST Just a little side note, the couple were so stunned they asked people in the terminal to have a whiff. According to them, they didn’t smell so bad.

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When Flight Attendants Go Wild

Blame the other bitch!

What would have been a simple one hour flight from New York to Washington turned out to be a friggin four hour delay after two flight attendants had a hissy fit and were kicked off by the pilot. Seems one of the American Eagle flight attendants began talking on her cell phone after the other one had told passengers to turn off all phones and electronics  for take off. She repeated the request over the PA to include the flight attendant and then things just got ugly. In the end the pilot returned to the gate and kicked both the women off (as they refused to work together) and then waited…and waited…and waited …. for replacements.


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