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Tiptoe Through The Nursing Home

elderly man 3Oh for pluck sake, a 97 year old man was found living in a homeless shelter after being booted from his retirement home for playing the ukulele. The ex merchant marine said “Management continually suppressed my talents,” But don’t fret loons, he is now safe and sound in a new nursing home after the good people of Napa raised money for him and his ukulele.

Psst Be grateful he doesn’t play the drums

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Move On Nothing To See Here But Tanning Mom

Oh lord, make this 15 minutes of fame stop!!!!! Patricia Krentcil (aka tanning mom) was a drunken mess at the opening of a nightclub in New York, managing to attack the drag queen host before being unceremoniously removed via the back door. Yes, it was all recorded ….



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The Lindsay Lohan Saga Continues

Choo-ch00-choo the trainwreck express is back!!! Lindsay Lohan just got booted out of her community service program for violating the rules numerous times. Surprise, surprise. Hmm, the judge won’t be happy, she has to front her next week for a progress report. Heavy sigh . In her defense Lindsay says they were mean to her from the second she rolled up (late).


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The Fool of Cool

This is how you do it!

This is how you do it!

Wanna get kicked out of a library in 2 minutes flat? OK rebellers, here’s what you do. First, buy (or steal) yourself a New York Post so you have something to hide your monitor, x-box, wi-fi router, external HD, headset and controller under. Hmm loons, you can see where this is going can’t ya? Anywho, don’t forget to take your favorite X box game, something along the lines of Halo 3: Call of Duty (where there is shooting involved). Find a nice inconspicuous place  so you can hook up to the libraries free WI-Fi in relative peace and then let rip, making sure to use the newspaper to cover your hands (don’t want the librarians seeing the hand controller!). Then start screaming and yelling into your headset just like you would if you were at home on your couch!

Psst It took the fool 20 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to be thrown out.


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