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Take That!

Somewhere out there is a would-be kidnapper hanging his head in shame. You had one job….kidnap an 8 year old. What happened? She kung fu-ed you into submission. Amateur. An 8 year old did the old pressure move on the neck of a man who had broken into her home and attempted to drag her downstairs. The little ninja told police she used the “the Cheetah Paw” on the intruder, a move she learnt at Kung Fu class. Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who the girl says “smelled like garbage.” So many levels of hurt.


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He Is Your Father

hairA 21 year old woman got the shock of her life when she  discovered that the receptionist at a fertility clinic, where her parents underwent artificial insemination, was her real father. Seems the convicted kidnapper who had been working at the clinic had deliberately switched sperm with her intended “father”.  It is feared that the man may have switched samples with several other male patients and could have fathered numerous children without couples knowing. Unfortunately, the man in question is no longer alive but his mother agreed to a DNA swab which confirmed the girl and parent’s worst fear. The clinic, which was associated with the University of Utah,is no longer operating and there are no remaining records but the Uni is offering genetic testing for anyone who used the clinic from 1988 through 1994.

Want sauce with that?



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